Incredible women in health tech | the 2022 longlist



When it comes to women in health tech, the imbalance is similar to what you would find in STEM overall (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Figures show that in health technology specifically, only one woman in five people are working in the industry.

Women in health tech – empowerment and inspiration 

The lack of women in AI, in health tech, and in tech overall, has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the numbers generally never balanced out before that. We raise a glass to the powerful, inspirational and outstanding women who have made their mark in health tech against the odds. 

Health Tech World presents: incredible women in health tech – the 2022 longlist:



1 – Ida Tin | Clue 


Ida Tin created a science-based health app for women, which supports menstruation tracking and helps women empower their bodies through all stages of life. The app became a global leader in women’s health tech, but Ida didn’t stop there. 

The Danish entrepreneur also coined the term “FemTech” – which is used frequently within the female health tech sector. She planted the term into the vocabulary of leaders and journalists all over the world, to describe a category of software, diagnostics, products, and services that use technology to focus on women’s health. A truly outstanding and inspirational woman in FemTech and health tech alike. 

More about Ida 

2 – Camilla Easter | Oxford Medical Products 


Camilla started as a veterinary surgeon before successfully launching the veterinary arm of a biotech company.

But this was the very beginning of her success. 

Since moving into the human biotech sector, Camilla went on to becoming the CEO of Oxford Medical Products (OMP) –  a clinical staged, VC backed, company providing a non-surgical weight loss product that will redefine the obesity treatment market. 

Her input led them to raising €1.3 million in their seed investment round to develop a safe and affordable weight loss capsule which can be taken at home. 

More about Camilla 

3 – Andrea Oliver Garcia | Emjoy 


Andrea Oliver Garcia used her own experiences as a woman, along with her sheer courage, to take her sexual audio app onto the market. The idea for Emjoy was born from Andrea’s own experience and observations of how many women normalise not climaxing. When she started researching the topic, she was surprised that there was no app addressing this issue. 

Andrea was convinced that the gap could be closed with the right tech-based solution, empowering women to articulate their wants and needs. Because sexual wellbeing is a crucial part of wider mental and physical health.

Andrea managed to successfully secure financing for her venture. Since then, Emjoy has helped more than 300,000 women achieve their intimate wellbeing goals with its science-based content – carefully prepared by in-house therapists and OB-GYNs.

More about Andrea

4 – Dr. Stephanie Willerth | Axolotl Biosciences 


Dr. Willerth founded the Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Victoria and co-founded the award winning start-up Axolotl Biosciences

She was recently elected to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars and was awarded the 2021 President’s Teaching Award of Excellence by Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. 

She also holds an appointment with the School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She recently founded the start-up company – Axolotl Biosciences that sells high quality bio-inks for bio-printing human tissue models. 

Dr Willerth is an active member of the steering committee of the B.C. Regenerative Medicine Initiative and the Stem Cell Network. She also serves as a staff scientist at Creative Destruction Lab. 

She served as the acting director of the Centre for Biomedical Research and the biomedical engineering undergraduate program at the University of Victoria from 2018-2021 and as the President of Canadian Biomaterials Society from 2018-2019.

More about Stephanie 

5 – Dr Diana Röttger | APEX Ventures


Diana became a female leader in health tech after gaining her PhD in medical computer science – with multiple global research stays including Harvard Medical School. 

She specialises in medical imaging and computer vision, neuro-software solutions, company building and scientific sales/BD, Biotech and Pharma.

At APEX Ventures, Diana works for its Medical Fund, where she provides startup evaluation and portfolio support for deep-tech medical investments.

Diana now has eight years of start-up to scale-up experience in the medical computer vision software field for Biotech and Pharma. 

More about Diana 

6 – Shruti Gurudanti | televëda


Shruti made it into the “Forbes top 52 women-led startups driving the future of health tech”  for her company televëda.

Not only does her Arizona startup help to lower social isolation through technology, it is a health and wellness company which improves overall health in adults – through virtual body and brain fitness techniques. 

Shurti has helped countless people by growing a community of older adults from scratch, and has really made her mark as an outstanding woman in health tech. 

More about Shruti 

7 – Tess Cosad | Béa Fertility 


Tess Cosad is a women’s health pioneer. She is building technology that will change the game for countless women and allow them to start a family on their own terms, thanks to her at-home fertility start-up Béa Fertility. 

Tess has spent her career advancing women and their innovations.

Prior to launching Béa, she founded Hers By Design, a female-led, female focussed FemTech brand, and was also the first woman to lead a digital marketing-focussed accelerator program in Saudi Arabia, on behalf of the Growth Velocity Academy.

Tess has been called a “force of nature” who embodies the vision and passion of her start-up, but is also incredibly knowledgeable about every detail of the sector she’s disrupting. Her tenacity and grit makes her an equally brilliant ambassador for women in technology and healthcare. 

More about Tess 

8 – Morenike Fajemisin | Whispa


Morenike is a leader in African FemTech, and has made her mark with an incredible startup aimed at giving women access to reproductive health information. 

She launced Whispa in Nigeria, giving open access to sexual and reproductive health information, products, and services.

Her idea was to build a network in which people, especially women could access private, affordable and shame-free access to much needed information.

She has since made the headlines for her pioneering work for women, and was acknowledged in the Africa Tech Festival.

More about Morenike 

9 – Melissa Morris | Lantum


British entrepreneur and health tech champion Melissa Morris is the founder of Lantum.

Her startup is a powerful workforce scheduling platform which saves healthcare organisations millions each year.

Not only did she get this great health tech company off the ground, Melissa is a Fellow at NHS Innovation Accelerator, and her work is changing lives for the better every day.  

Since its launch in 2011, Lantum is thought to have saved the NHS around £7.7 million, and is widely recognised as being at the forefront in helping to solve the NHS staffing crisis. 

More about Melissa 

10 – April Koh | Spring Health


Health tech leader April Koh is on a mission to eliminate barriers to mental health, and is building a digital employee wellness platform to do just that.

As the CEO of Spring Health in New York, April helps to implement clinically-validated AI to identify personal treatment plans and reduce waiting time for users. It is said that she has done so by an average of seven weeks. 

This mental health champion was noted in the Forbes 30 Under 30, and has received honours from the American Psychiatric Association and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

We can’t wait to see what else April can be capable of in the coming years. 

More about April 


11 – Dr Ekaterina Malievskaia | COMPASS

Russia / USA

Studying medicine in Russia and the U.S, with a career in medicine, global health and medical philanthropy, Ekaterina co-founded a company in 2016.

It has now become the forefront of research into the use of psychedelics for treating mental health – COMPASS Pathways.

Having experienced the challenges in accessing evidence-based, effective mental health care for a family member, she’s now dedicated to discovering new therapies.

COMPASS is currently developing psilocybin therapy through late-stage clinical trials for people with treatment-resistant depression and recently became the first psychedelics-based unicorn, now valued at roughly US$1.3 billion.

More about Dr Ekaterina

12- Anna Lukasson-Herzig | Nyris 


Anna Lukasson-Herzig co-founded Nyris while staying at home with her newborn child – and is passionate about more women starting their own business. 

German-born Anna founded Nyris in 2015 – a visual search engine that uses AI to help and support manufacturing and retail companies to increase sales.

Having studied Engineering at the RWTH Aachen, Anna graduated with honours, and went on to get her PhD in process automation.

This led her on the path of working with AI-based methods to analyse visual measurement data. 

Nyris has risen to success and is now co-funded by the EU, and has appeared in the Forbes Top 100 Startups. 

More about Anna 

13 – Meenakshi Singh | Synapsica Healthcare


Meenakshi co-founded and runs Synapsica, an outstanding AI company which assists radiologists and empowers radiology workflows. 

As India faces an acute shortage of trained radiologists. with only an estimated 10,000 available across the entire country – this automated solution has become a saviour and champion in Indian health tech. 

Now their AI assistants are making hospital workflows smoother by triaging and prioritising critical scans, with hundreds of radiologists relying on Synapsica’s cloud solution as a secure way of managing their workflow. 

Thanks to Meenakshi’s innovation and leadership, radiologists are able to report from any device, anywhere with seamless connectivity across imaging sites. 

More about Meenakshi 

14 – Dr. Nicky Keay | Honorary Clinical Lecturer Medicine, University College London


Dr Nicky Keay is passionate about personalising female hormone health. Hormones are key players in determining human health and performance.

However, the challenge is that female hormones are the most complex of all the hormone networks, which change throughout the human lifespan. 

To meet this information gap, artificial intelligence techniques can help augment medical understanding and empower women with actionable, personalised advice to optimise their hormone health.

Nevertheless, the challenge is not insignificant.  

Dr Nicky Keay was able to draw on her extensive clinical and research medical experience to provide the necessary in-depth medical understanding to enable mathematical modelling of female hormones over a menstrual cycle and, crucially, interpret the output from a medical point of view.

Fortunately, she relishes a challenge and as a female doctor, is committed to advancing female hormone health. 

More about Nicky

15 – Wendy Lamin | Holoxica

Belgium / Scotland

From litigation lawyer in international law firms in Brussels, to risk & insurance advisor for executive teams/boards of multinationals such as the world’s largest brewer.

Global digital transformation, change management & communication in global professional services companies headquartered in NYC… Wendy Lamin has quite the CV.

Wendy’s name is known in health tech largely due to her leadership at Holoxica Ltd, a 3D holographic solutions company with several world firsts in 3D medical visualisation.

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is a former vice chair of Changing the Chemistry, a Scottish charity about diversity on boards.

Her roles in civil diplomacy consist of being a Global Scot and representative for Scotland for “Flemish In The World”.

Wendy has helped in the delivering of true innovation, such as the recent Human Digital Twin and 3D Telemedicine.

One of Wendy Lamin’s mantras is “never say never”. The tech industry has enough space for non-technical people to thrive.

More about Wendy 


16 – Aagya Magthur | Aavia 


Aagya is a real leader in the world of female health tech. Having co-founded a successful hormone health brand Aavia, she is helping countless people to experience a better health journey. 

Aagya is a champion for Gen Z, and works hard in encouraging them to take care of their own physical and mental health with confidence, and break the silent suffering that often comes with hormone health.

More about Aagya Magthur 

 17 – Alexandra T Greenhill | Careteam Technologies


Physician CEO Alexandra Greenhill is a force to be reckoned with in health tech leadership. The Canadian innovator is responsible for Careteam Technologies Inc – a leading tech platform that enables care providers to coordinate care and support patients more effectively in transitions between hospital, home, and community settings.

The Patient-centered Care Collaboration (PCC) improves patient outcomes, experience, and satisfaction, and reduces costs. It scales proven approaches for bigger impact, and closes the gap between what is possible and what happens.

Alexandra’s success has landed her in the Forbes 40 Under 40, and even onto the Tedx stage where she shares her experience and inspiration. 

More about Alexandra 

18 – Dr Chen Mao Davies | LatchAid


Dr Chen Mao Davies pioneers natural and comfortable breastfeeding for mothers and has subsequently made her mark in FemTech.

She founded LatchAid’s pioneering breastfeeding app – which uses cutting-edge 3D technology and 3D avatars to help new mothers learn breastfeeding skills. 

Since launching in July 2021, LatchAid, the ground-breaking breastfeeding and early parenthood support application, has gained more than 7,000 users across 94 countries.

Together with support from a highly empathetic AI-powered virtual chatbot, and live 1-2-1 support from human experts, Dr Mao Davies’ app provides breastfeeding mothers with personalised expertise and companionship -24 hours a day. 

More about Dr Mao Davies 

19 – Kim Palmer | Clementine 


Kim transformed a side hustle into a full time business which ended up scaling with major partnerships over the last five years, and putting her in the spotlight as an inspiration in her field.

The business has turned Kim’s passion into impact: to ensure us women are properly served with female-tested and orientated mental and emotional health support that delivers. 

She secured £1.5m impact funding, has three flourishing partnerships with Bugaboo (mind powered walking), Advanti West Coast (mind powered travel) and No 7 (mind-skin rituals).

The business is now part of GSK’s Haleon Re/wire Health Studio as the wellness ingredient.

Kim doesn’t do any paid marketing. Paid for marketing fuels the issues that she is addressing, so she stopped.

As a result, Kim’s created a living playbook ‘How to grow a sustainable business’ using creativity and partnership innovation. It works.

Impact is her number one focus; Kim wants every woman to feel and believe that they can do anything they choose to.


20 – Liza Velarde | Delee


Liza Velarde is one of Mexico’s most inspirational health tech women, and a rising MedTech entrepreneur.

She co-founded Delee five years ago – a revolutionary medical device company which is changing the face of cancer diagnosis and management. 

Through the isolation and analysis of circulating tumour cells, the company has had great success through automated solutions.

Having developed a device capable of capturing Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) in a faster and more effective way than the current technologies available, Delee has become the best alternative in the field.

Liza is now the CEO of the firm and is leading her team into a future of innovation and change. 

More about Liza 



21-  Cecil Real | Endodiag


Cecil is a French leader in MedTech, and currently leads a biotechnology company aimed specifically at improving the diagnosis of endometriosis. Her work has led to numerous women in France and further afield, getting the help and support they need for this complicated and vastly under-treated condition.

Endodiag has an open vision to radically change the lives of millions of women suffering from endometriosis  – and offers diagnostic solutions for healthcare professionals.

These solutions are intended to contribute to a better endometriosis diagnosis, a more personalised patient management, more efficient treatment options and fertility strategy.

Cecil’s advocacy for women’s health through tech and innovation has changed lives, and put her on the frontline of inspirational women in her field. 

More about Cecil 

22 – Dr Mridula Pore | Peppy


Mridula has spent her career driving innovations in healthcare to make it more accessible and affordable.

Most recently she has led commercial teams in the pharmaceuticals and digital health industries.

Prior to that she was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co.

She has a PhD in chemical engineering from MIT and an MBA from the MIT Sloan. 

She co-founded Peppy in 2018 which is a leading digital platform that helps employers give their people expert support for under-served areas of healthcare: menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood, women’s health and men’s health. 

They have raised £8.6 million to date over a course of 3 rounds with their Series A being raised July 2021. 

More about Mridula 

23 – Dr Emilia Molimpakis | Thymia 


Emilia is co-founder and CEO of Thymia: a mental health tech startup building AI-powered tools inspired by video games to help doctors spot and treat depression and other cognitive conditions more effectively. 

When a close friend developed severe depression, Emilia decided to do something about it.

She used her PhD in Neuroscience and Linguistics from UCL to create Thymia; a solution to help others facing the same situation as her friend.

Emilia is a whirlwind. Her intelligence and ambition for her company are coupled with such grace and humility. 

And she’s not afraid to call out the bias in the world of tech, particularly with regard to the barriers facing female founders raising finance. She is the epitome of what a founder should represent.

More about Emilia

24 – Claire Bhogal | Abbott


Claire is Director of Research & Development for global healthcare company Abbott’s diabetes care business.

Claire’s career to date has seen her lead the team that analysed key clinical trials and worked on the feasibility of developing a core technology concept into a device that would remove the need for routine finger-pricks for glucose readings. 

That concept became the world’s most used glucose sensing technology, the FreeStyle Libre system.

Now as the first ever female R&D director for Abbott’s UK diabetes care business, Claire is based at their site in Oxfordshire, UK, and leads a team of scientists and engineers working on Abbott’s next generations of bio-sensing technology.

To ensure women in health tech continue to progress, Claire also heads up the UK chapter of the Women Leaders of Abbott network which supports career development for women through education, mentoring and informal networking.


25 – Pooja Sikka | APEX 


A practising GP by background, Pooja has over 16 years experience working across the healthcare sector.

She has worked with public and private bodies and NHS providers, leading multiple teams through high profile national and international projects and ventures.

Pooja’s diverse clinical, managerial and entrepreneurial background has put her at the forefront of the changing healthcare landscape in Europe and emerging economies. 

She is known in the NHS for her health tech expertise and set up a national programme for the NAPC (National Association of Primary Care), to help NHS providers select and roll out health tech products and services.

She serves as a council member and clinical advisor to NAPC and, as a founding member of the EY Ventures team, ran the health and social care investment portfolio.

More about Pooja


26 – Grace Park | DocDoc


Grace is a force to be reckoned with in the health tech field – and she is an inspiration to women who aspire to enter the sector. 

Having started her career as a Military Intelligence Officer after graduating with Honours from the US Military Academy at West Point, she held a variety of posts over her half a decade of military service.

But that was only the beginning of what Grace had in store for the world. 

She went on to co-found and run one of the most incredible healthcare networks in Asia, DocDoc.

Her company harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide patients with the information they need to make optimal healthcare decisions.

And it originated from a deeply personal story involving her own daughter. 

DocDoc has grown into Asia’s largest healthcare network and continues to empower patients to make data-informed decisions. 

Grace embarked on her corporate journey working in Fortune 500 companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and her most recent being the Managing Director of Medtronic in ASEAN.

More about Grace 

27 – Tito Ovia | Helium Health


Tito is a healthcare champion for Africa – and is dedicated to improving its quality of healthcare. 

She took her passion and used it to set up Helium Health, a health tech firm which is helping to digitise the health sector by amassing patient data records into a single database.

Tito’s work has contributed to the reduction in mortality rates, and she is at the forefront of African healthcare, as well as a major inspiration to women who want to work in healthcare.

Tito and her co-founders were recently featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and also received $2million in investment to expand their service – making lives better and inspiring women everywhere. 

More about Tito

28 – Ivy Huq Russell | Maya


Ivy is an exceptional female leader who has taken her passion to help people into huge entrepreneurial success.

Her startup Maya – a mobile-based digital wellbeing assistant, connects people to experts, including doctors and therapists, to get the advice they’re looking for without shame and without stigma.

Its flagship product, Maya Apa is an anonymous wellbeing messaging service that seamlessly connects users to vetted and distributed on demand experts when they are looking for advice.

Ivy has since secured local and international VC funding, has partnered with NHS, and has become one of the most well known and acknowledged female leaders to come out of Bangladesh. 

More about Ivy 

29 – Solome Tibebu | Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech


A former teen entrepreneur – Solome harnessed childhood and early adulthood experiences of anxiety and OCD to create a support network focused on mental wellbeing – which would be the start of her incredible journey to leadership. 

She’s now a nationally and internationally recognised behavioural health strategist who works to transform mental health, equity and access. 

Now the founder and host of women-owned, minority-owned Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech summit, she has taken her work to the next level.

GDBHT is largest conference focused on expanding access to mental health and substance use services through technology and innovation.

In 2021, the GDBHT conference boasted 130 speakers and over 4,000 registrants. 

Solome is genuinely passionate about helping people to achieve better welcome, and is a champion for diversity and inclusion. 

More about Solome 

30 – Heidi Davis | Identify Her


Heidi Davis and her team are developing a medical device that uses AI-enabled technology to capture physiological signals and personalise the management of menopausal symptoms to reduce the risk of disease in the future. 

She co-founded identifyHer – a digital health company providing predictive health services for women going through the menopausal transition and beyond.

Her strong message of support for women has led her to success, as she continually advocates women’s health. 

More about Heidi 

31 – Cecilie Hvidberg Jakobsen | wawa Fertility


Cecilie Hvidberg Jakobsen has seen the devastating emotional and psychological consequences of infertility among her friends, after she struggled herself with pregnancy loss.

She founded wawa fertility, an app designed as a personal assistant, to offer medical and mental health support for fertility patients. 

Cecile is a champion for women’s health and fertility, and has used her entrepreneurial skills, along with  a passion for good, to become a leading woman in FemTech. 

More about Cecile 



32 – Leslie Ann Fendt | Roche 



Leslie is a highly successful and passionate member of the female health tech space – and has already been recognised as one of the top 10 women in tech, in her home country of Switzerland.

Currently, Leslie is the global integrated solutions product leader in digital health, at Roche – which is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Her work is focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives – something that she does with passion and force.

Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system.

Roche is also the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management. 

More about Leslie 

33 – Hélène Guillaume | Wild AI

France / USA

After she struggled herself with a system exclusively made for men, Helene wanted to create an app made for the needs of the female body. 

An ultra-marathon runner and triathlete, she has founded Wild AI to help women train, recover and eat based on their menstrual cycle.

Her team has carried out extensive research on what a woman is, translated into the app WILD.AI, helping women eat, exercise and sleep with their physiology – whether they menstruate, use birth control or are in menopause. 

Hélène’s incredible work has put her at the forefront of women in AI, as well as women in health tech in general. We can all agree she can inspire the generation which will come after her. 

More about Hélène 




34 – Hauwa Ojeifo | She Writes Woman


Hauwa is a mental health advocate turned entrepreneur who now runs an award-winning movement called She Writes Woman.

She also created a virtual community for Nigerians to safely and openly access mental health support, self care tools and wellness resources. Safe Place Nigeria, as it is suitably named, has become the voice of mental health in Nigeria. 

Hauwa’s success has led her to the  Queen’s Young Leaders award by the Royal Commonwealth Society. She was also awarded with the One Young World Ambassador award, and is the first African ever to win the MTV Generation Change Award.

Her passionate work has put her in the spotlight as one of Africa’s most inspirational women. 

More about Hauwa 


35 – Carina Kohli | HUMM


Carina Kohli launched the digital health platform HUMM to offer affordable unlimited family health care to mothers, families and organisations. She wanted to help give a a focus on postpartum, postnatal, neonatal and baby care.

Her passion was driven by prevalent, gender-based discrimination which remains in India.

Carina founded and runs HUMM – which aims to provide affordable, accessible and judgement-free healthcare for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

When it comes to exceptional women in health tech, Carina is most certainly in the spotlight. 

More about Carina 

36 – Katarzyna Hess-Wiktor | Minnity


Katarzyna is the co-founder of an exceptional health tech app dedicated to person-centred dementia care. She launched the app to help care professionals to thrive with a digital tool which facilitates communication within the care team, and allows relatives to access information about care.

Katarzyna’s work has helped make person-centered care easier to apply, improving the lives of people in need of care.


More about Katarzyna 



37 – Tammie Jackson | FinThrive


As the healthcare industry and the world increasingly focus on social justice issues, Tammie Jackson became the first Black person to serve as National Chair in Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) 75-year history.

She used her position to explore ways for the healthcare industry to encourage greater diversity in finance and healthcare.

It was an essential step toward ensuring the sector mirrors its patient populations, a key to achieving culturally competent care.

Tammie is most passionate about health equity, addressing social determinants of health (SDoH).

She believes all have an opportunity to create a direct path and foster and improve health equity for all. In 2021, Tammie challenged the industry with these questions, “How do we do things better? How do we do them faster? How do we do them most cost-effectively?”.

She advocates for change and is passionate about creating an accurate community-based population health management system to improve the health and wellness of the communities we all live in and serve.

More about Tammie

38 – Heather Fernandez | Solv Health


Heather is disrupting healthcare by empowering consumers to simplify their day-to-day health needs. As co-founder and CEO of Solv Health, she is helping make high-quality care convenient, simple and transparent.

Under her guidance, the company has helped millions of Americans find and book same-day healthcare appointments, removing the stress of everyday healthcare.

Heather also recently created a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and, in just two weeks, raised $3.5 million dollars from 75 all-female investors. Heather is passionate about inviting women of colour to the cap table who normally would not have access to venture capital.

She currently serves on the boards of Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM) and the (UCA) Urgent Care Association.

More about Heather

39 – Carrie SiuButt | SimpleHealth


As a Black-Asian, disabled, female CEO, it’s safe to say Carrie SiuButt is in an ongoing battle with the status quo in healthcare, breaking down barriers and perceptions of disability, diversity, and gender in leadership.

After receiving treatment for her disability, Carrie experienced a turning point in her career and dedicated her professional life to working with innovative companies in the health and wellness space.

Her role as a reproductive care company made her part of the largest national battle for equality in recent history.

As the CEO of SimpleHealth, Carrie assembled a team of talent who are committed to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility – with the belief that birth control is for everybody, no matter your identity.

SimpleHealth works to make birth control more accessible through educational resources and carefully curated social content.

More about Carrie



40 – Erica Jain | Healthie

Erica is the Co-Founder and CEO of Healthie, a mission-driven business building infrastructure for next-gen digital health.

Running the company profitably for the last four years, Erica is a TechStars graduate with more than a decade of healthcare and business experience.

Today, more than 35 million people in the country lack basic healthcare access due to cost and lack of accessibility. Additionally, 22% of Americans use telehealth services.

Healthie’s API-first and fully brand-able suite of solutions – EMR, coaching platform, scheduling software, and patient engagement – enable healthcare builders to launch and scale best-in-class experiences for their members and quickly scale a provider network.

Healthie’s organisations deliver holistic care in verticals like behavioural health, women’s health, paediatrics and caregiving, and health coaching.

Erica is demonstrating how data bridging can create a better healthcare future for patients.

41 – Sarah Bolt | Forth

Sarah Bolt is the CEO and co-founder of Forth, a pioneer in the biomarker tracking sector. She aims to empower women to become experts on their own body through scientific knowledge and understanding.
Her company aims to do this through scientific analysis of the body’s biochemistry combined with a technology platform which converts bioinformatics into intuitive and actionable health information and advice.
Sarah has spent 15 years working in the healthcare sector driving behaviour change initiatives and innovating new products.
Last year, She spearheaded the launch of the company’s ground-breaking product, MyFORM, which is set to transform women’s knowledge of their personal hormone profile by using a combination of blood testing and AI to map how a woman’s hormones fluctuate over her unique cycle rather than on a single day.
Sarah’s mission is to educate women on the importance of hormones and their understanding that female hormones are about so much more than reproduction.

42 – Guadalupe Lazaro | Ease


Guadalupe Lazaro is the co-founder of Ease – a fast-growing venture-backed digital health ecosystem improving access to women’s health in Asia.

Guadalupe studied Anthropology with a focus on gender and sexuality studies at Yale-NUS College in Singapore and has volunteered throughout her life at various organisations such as Amnesty International in campaigns relating to sexual & reproductive rights.

At the age of 22 and inspired by personal experiences facing barriers when accessing women’s health services in Singapore, she decided to start Ease with her co-founder to make women’s health more convenient, affordable and discreet.
Since then, Ease has nurtured a community of 80,000+ women, has developed the most comprehensive women’s health app in the market, and has successfully closed a USD$1.3M seed round (the largest for any Femtech startup in SouthEast Asia).
Ease has also been recognised in the Forbes Asia “100 to Watch” list as one of the top healthcare startups in Asia and Guadalupe has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list of 2022.

43- Lindsay Davis | FemTech Association of Asia

Lindsay Davis is Cofounder of the FemTech Association of Asia, the region’s first industry network for FemTech founders, investors and professionals uniting to improve women’s health through technology solutions.

With the headquarters in Singapore, the FemTech Association of Asia currently has over 35 member companies based across nine countries.

The FemTech Association of Asia acts on its mission to inspire collaboration in Asia’s FemTech industry to accelerate the creation of more healthcare solutions, for more women.

Lindsay is an authority on FemTech in Asia, promoting Asia’s women’s health and technology ecosystem globally through thought leadership, programming, amplification and community-building.

The FemTech Association of Asia was a 2022 Finalist in the Business Inclusivity Awards at the Global Inclusion Online Forum.

More about Lindsay

44 – Jiwon Park | SAIB & Co

South Korea 

Jiwon Park founded a sexual wellness company SAIB & Co., in Korea, after witnessing persistent misrepresentation and patriarchal stances toward women’s sexual activities.
She made it her goal to challenge these stereotypes and empower women to embrace a positive attitude towards their own sexual health.

The Brand name SAIB flips the word BIAS representing the company’s mission to overturn the negative gender-based biases.

By providing women with safe-to-use contraceptives and vaginal health products with a shame-free experience, SAIB aims to normalise the perception of sexual wellness, redefining them as a natural and healthy part of life.

SAIB & Co. was the global top 3 winner at 2021 She Loves Tech competition, and is backed by 500 Global, Devsisters Ventures, and Tim Draper.

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