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Remote monitoring software stepped up in Covid-19 fight

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Digital health company ResMed has accelerated the release of its cloud-based remote monitoring software through its AirView platform.

The Oxfordshire-based company is ramping up in the face of a second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, along with the resumption of elective care and the flu season.

ResMed manufactures a range of cloud-connected ventilators with invasive and non-invasive capabilities, helping to alleviate pressures on healthcare systems through telemonitoring.

It also aims to enhance safety through distancing between professional and patient.

“ResMed utilises data-enabled devices to help offer insights and personalised solutions that result in better outcomes for patients, in a highly regulated and secure manner,’’ said Antoine Valterio, UK and Ireland country manager at ResMed.

ResMed also manufactures bilevel devices, to help patients with respiratory insufficiencies breathe. Its mission is to create digital health solutions that help keep people out of the hospital with its out-of-hospital software platforms supporting the professionals and caregivers who treat people in care settings or at home.

With AirView, clinicians and care providers can remotely monitor their patients’ respiratory rate and SpO21, or blood oxygen saturation, two key indicators that should be monitored to track changes in a respiratory patient’s condition.

It can help keep patients in their homes or care setting, as opposed to in a hospital bed or in the doctor’s surgery.

Valterio said: “Through remote telemonitoring, we are hoping to help clinicians and care providers maintain their quality of care for patients that they cannot physically see during this crisis, as well as to provide an additional layer of safety for both provider and patient by helping them to maintain social distancing.

“A large number of respiratory patients require regular check-ups and support from hospitals, physicians, and homecare providers. With AirView, clinicians and care providers can remotely track patients’ progress and quickly identify and resolve issues.

“The ResMed team have worked alongside frontline workers, the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the NHS throughout the crisis and have also been using their expertise to guide patients and healthcare professionals alike through the crisis, using technology to provide vital expertise remotely, which will continue to play an integral role as we come out of the pandemic.’’

A ResMed dedicated clinical team, including several from the NHS, has been providing day- to-day support to the frontline, offering virtual training, online tools and videos all on a dedicated Covid microsite, keeping connected and sharing knowledge remotely.

A clinical application specialist team has been providing webinar/Zoom training to customers and a dedicated field force has been supporting hospitals with product enquiries, stock availability, order processing and deliveries.In addition, dedicated customers support teams have been set up to answer calls from the NHS and patients.

Valterio added: “As pioneers in digital healthcare, ResMed continues to invest in and support innovations transforming care provision. One very relevant example, as global healthcare systems manage through the coronavirus pandemic, is our support of a project being conducted by the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust, looking to introduce a multidisciplinary pathway for post COVID-19 care in the NHS.”

Among other subjects, the project will look at how remote monitoring and virtual consultations can be embedded within, for example, remote monitoring of non-invasive ventilators, CPAP treatment, reducing the need for physical consultations, improving the real-time management of these patients in out-of-hospital care environments.

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