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New resource plugs gaps in support for eating disorders



Introducing the ED (Eating Disorder) Recovery Companion, an online self-help portal designed to fill a critical gap in support for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

8,000 people with severe eating disorders currently are waiting for therapy services in the UK (NHS England 2023) leading to longer duration of illness, avoidable deaths, increased hospital admissions, and extended travel to access services in NHS Trusts further away.

The number of people trying to access eating disorder services has significantly increased since the pandemic with adults waiting as long as 18months to access treatment.

Data indicates that timely treatment significantly improves recovery outcomes.

The resource was created by Founder, Kel O’Neill during lockdown when access to services was limited and waiting times grew.

Kel brings a unique blend of lived experience and clinical expertise to the table.

Motivated by her own recovery journey, Kel is committed to supporting others in their path to wellness.

Kel is a founding member of the LEED research collective leading research into the area of eating disorders and a fully Accredited member of the BACP and a Fellow of the International Society for Psychotherapy and Counselling (ISPC).

She is also one of the longest serving Ambassadors for the eating disorder charity, Beat.

Kel O’Neill, Founder of the ED Recovery Companion, says: “Unlike traditional services with stringent referral criteria, our online platform is accessible to anyone seeking support.

“There are no prerequisites for access, ensuring that all those affected by an eating disorder can make use of the platform.

“Our subscription model allows for flexibility, with resources available for up to 52 weeks.

“This ensures that individuals can engage with the program for as long as it’s beneficial to their recovery journey.”

The ED Recovery Companion allows people to access much-needed professional resources from home at any time.

People can follow a dedicated programme rooted in evidence based practice and years of professional experience.

There are new weekly bundles of resources (videos, worksheets and activities) and valuable information to help navigate recovery.

The resource is a lifeline for those struggling to access services or stuck on waiting lists. Kel O’Neill delivers a full support service with compassion and professionalism. The need is more now than ever.

This service allows people with eating disorders to access resources wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

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