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Power of video unlocks first steps for people suffering with mental health



Frog Systems has used its technology to launch numerous mental health platforms

A mental wellness platform which allows users to hear from people sharing their personal experiences of overcoming life’s challenges, has won investment.

The platform directs people suffering with their mental health to relevant support including services in their area.

The technology also generates real-time, anonymised data, letting organisations respond to any issues that arise.

Frog Systems has secured £500,000 for its online mental wellness platforms across sectors such as professional services, higher education, sport and the arts.

Sussex Cricket became the first sports club in the world to launch its own bespoke mental wellness platform, using Frog Systems’ software. 

This links Sussex Cricket and its 182 affiliated clubs with hundreds of thousands of people across the county. Several other sporting bodies are now in talks with the company about developing their own versions.

Sir Rod Aldridge, principal investor, said: “Mental and physical illness does not discriminate – each one of us is touched by it at some point in our lives and the current pandemic has exacerbated this situation.

“The innovative technology developed by Frog which is a free, online resource, uses the power of video to encourage taking the first step in seeking early support – providing a bridge between citizen and service provider.”

The bulk of the latest fund raise has come from Aldridge – who is chair of the Aldridge Foundation and founder and former chair of Capita Group – with the balance coming from existing and four new investors.

Since it was founded in 2015, the Scottish start-up company has invested £1.8m in developing a scalable IT platform, which allows clients to customise solutions to their particular circumstances or requirements.

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