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Platform unveils new feature aimed at “streamlining” patient care

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An AI-based platform for preliminary diagnosis and patient prioritisation has unveiled a new feature aimed at “streamlining” patient care.

Infermedica is used by healthcare and insurance providers to assist patients before they are seen in-person by a medical professional.  The platform conducts symptom checking to provide a pre-clinical triage assessment which directs patients to the most appropriate level of care.

The new Specialist Recommender function extends the recommendation of pre-clinical triage to a specific specialist, alongside the most effective communication channel to them.

Developed over 6 months, the function enables healthcare and insurance providers to provide patients with a recommendation of which specialist they actually need to see. The function is supported by a list of 27 specialists, including pulmonologists, haematologists and allergologists, with providers able to select available options.

Jakub Winter, head of implementation, said: “The recommendation takes into consideration the patient profile, provided evidence, and its related severity.

“Analysing possible conditions and evidence allows us to see the big picture and provide a recommendation that is linked not only to the most likely outcome, but also the most serious scenarios.

“Consequently, the function is then able to guide patients to the experts who can expand the interview, run detailed diagnostics and initiate treatment.”

Specialist Recommender will be an optional feature for users across the Infermedica portfolio – with the company’s clients including insurance giant Allianz, medical cost management organisation Global Excel and healthcare providers Sana Kliniken

Maciej Malenda, head of partnerships, said: “When technology can direct patients to specialists, the benefits to medical professionals are twofold. It provides the specialist with more information and triage level of the next patient, while also decreasing the pressure on other doctors and nurses who would normally be involved in the referral process.

“Simply put, streamlining patient flow saves everyone involved time and effort, while also helping patients get the care they need more quickly.”

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