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Plastic surgery ‘in a box’ transforms face of cosmetic treatment



Uvence is the first company to offer personalised Super Enriched Tissue

A new procedure to rejuvenate cosmetic treatment to patients has been unveiled in the UK.

The Uvence procedure, dubbed ‘plastic surgery in a box’ due to the ease of application combines minimally invasive nano-fat transfer with cryopreservation of tissue, to offer an on-demand cosmetic treatment to patients for up to five years after the initial extraction procedure.

Nano-fat treatments are typically only available as one-off procedures from around 400 plastic surgeons in the UK, providing highly exclusive treatments to a very small group of individuals. Uvence’s approach to storing and scalingthis type of procedure opens up this style of treatment to almost 15,000 cosmetic doctors and GPs across the country. According to them, this procedure will provide a far greater level of access to the latest skin repair and rejuvenation technology for patients, and adds a highly sought after procedure to the arsenal of cosmetic doctors. 

Uvence creates its personalised products from a patient’s own fat cells, which are extracted by an initial micro or mini liposuction. Uvence harnesses the rejuvenating properties of active molecules found within these cells to help improve the look, feel and complexion of problem areas of the skin; including the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Unlike other treatments, the procedure uses completely natural and 100% personalised extracts, which will work only with each individual patient’s skin with no risk of rejection. 

Uvence filters the adipose tissue to a standardised level – the first time that this has ever been done worldwide – allowing for a uniform re-application of the cells into a patient’s skin with a replicable outcome. Once purified, a patient’s “super enriched tissue” can then be stored for up to five years in a regulated Uvence cryopreservation facility. This gives patients and their doctors the option to have multiple treatments from a single extraction over many years, either as follow on treatments or targeting different areas for rejuvenation.  The standardisation of the procedure gives comfort that each treatment will be as reliable as the last, and the time efficient nature of the treatment enables patients to receive a high-quality rejuvenative filler treatment over lunch, with no recovery time required. 

The cryopreservation, standardisation and scalability of this product has been six years in the making and will, in future, allow for a greater number of cosmetic professionals (including cosmetic doctors and dermatologists and dentists) to achieve reliable results with nano-fat injection.

Dr. Olivier Amar, one of the UK’s top plastic surgeons and CMO of Uvence, discusses the impact of the treatment: “It is hugely exciting to see the next step in standardisation and quality for this kind of treatment, as Uvence allows cosmetic doctors and clinics across the country to offer a high-end regenerative cosmetic procedure in their arsenal of treatments, thereby opening up a whole new sector of the market and a new influx of patients. 

The Uvence offering allows access to regenerative and personalised treatments and is the biggest advance in the field for nearly 15 years. In terms of accessibility and convenience this has never been seen before – the treatment can be carried out within 30 minutes with no recovery time, and, the cryopreservation capability allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons alike to provide this treatment on a consistent basis to their patients without the need for further liposuction or tissue extraction.”

 Reece Tomlinson, CEO and co-founder of Uvence, discusses the process of standardising and scaling medical innovation to cater to patients across the country:

“We have been aware, for some time now, of the rapid growth of the beauty industry during recent years. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, and with many people having culture changes such as working from home, the beauty industry’s growth has sped up at an exponential rate. The first ‘Zoom Boom’ boosted the cosmetic treatment arena and the wider beauty industry massively – now,  with the changes in work and lifestyle brought about by the pandemic seemingly here to stay for some time, there is ample opportunity for new technologies and approaches to flourish. 

“Our success in standardising, storing and scaling such an innovative and effective treatment is ground-breaking and changes the landscape of the cosmetic treatments industry, as patients everywhere will soon be able to access treatments previously reserved for the smallest handful of incredibly fortunate individuals.
I am incredibly excited to be part of this innovative approach to beauty, and I believe that the industry is set to see more growth over the coming years.”

Uvence is the first company to offer personalised Super Enriched Tissue. The Uvence procedure uses natural tissue extracted from a patient that is purified to enhance its regenerative potential. Dr. Olivier Amar, Reece Tomlinson and chairman Dr. Chris Donegan have pioneered the standardisation of the treatment after asking leading plastic surgeons what they believe will be the future of the industry. Tomlinson has run several cosmetic companies including hyaluronic acid based dermal filler developer, Intraline, and has led companies to the Profit 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in Canada on three occasions. Dr. Amar has been a leading plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in the UK and France for over a decade– specializing in minimally invasive techniques to restore, revive and replenish the skin. Dr. Donegan is a Ph.D Biochemist and global expert in Intellectual Property. This combined experience gave them the balance of tools to set out on the Uvence journey.

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