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PDI International partners with Positive Planet in sustainability initiative



PDI International has announced its partnership with Positive Planet as the company takes strides towards minimising its carbon emissions and building a sustainable future. 

Positive Planet, an organisation dedicated to environmental initiatives, helps organisations with genuine net zero aspirations to create and implement carbon reduction plans.

Over the coming months, Positive Planet will help PDI turn its sustainability goals into meaningful action and help deliver positive impact for people and the planet.

This will involve conducting accurate carbon footprint measurements and then developing, monitoring and embedding a successful sustainability programme into the company’s corporate strategy.

Positive Planet will also help PDI introduce a carbon reduction programme and help the company to engage and educate employees ensuring sustainability is firmly embedded into the company’s culture.

Nina Smith, Marketing Manager, said:  “It’s very important to us as a business to be able to pinpoint the carbon hotspots and then use this information to develop a carbon reduction plan, aiming for Carbon Neutrality and then ultimately Net Zero and obtain the ISO 14001 certification.

“To become Carbon Literate will allow us to create a culture of sustainability and embed climate action across all functions of PDI International and highlight to our customers and stakeholders that we are leading in our sector regarding our environmental sustainability.”

While PDI have now partnered with Positive Planet, the company has been taking important steps in addressing sustainability within the business for several years.

For example, today 99 per cent of the company’s energy supply comes from renewable sources, they have installed recycling bins, energy efficient lighting, upgraded inefficient equipment, and introduced a working from home scheme.

It has also introduced a waste register system and water management policies.

On the product side, PDI is working to deliver solutions that are more sustainable for our planet.

“Examples include offering more environmentally-friendly fabrics, formulations and packaging as well as partnering with Made In Britain to champion British manufactured products.

Smith added: “This is a very exciting time for us as a company and we are delighted to be working with Positive Planet to move to the next level.

“We have appointed champions across the business and are thrilled with how well everyone has got behind the initiative.

“It’s important for us to be open and honest about the progress we are making during our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and we are looking forward to reporting about our plans, milestones and successes in the coming months.”

PDI’s sustainability targets are inspired by the NHS, which is working towards becoming the world’s first net zero national health service.

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