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Patient engagement platform helps drive digital transformation




A digital technology initiative has helped a north-west NHS trust achieve significant time-saving benefits and improved patient engagement.

The smart Friends and Family Test (FFT) solution has allowed Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCSFT) to focus on patient engagement and care.

The FFT provides staff with:

  • Real-time alerts to flag critical issues
  • Access to department or ward-specific feedback
  • An in-depth look into patient, carer or family feedback

The trust is now considering distributing surveys via SMS while also exploring the potential for AI analytics to speed up qualitative analysis of patient comments.

The team is also starting a new feedback initiative by providing a trophy and ‘selfie’ frame.

The service winner in each of the five networks will receive the trophy and ‘selfie’ frame and photo-record their achievement to be promoted on social media and cascade in the communications emails to staff across the trust.

Pauline Brown Experience Manager, Experience and Engagement, Nursing and Quality Directorate, said:

“The Healthcare Communications Envoy platform is so versatile.

“We love the dashboard word clouds, which allows us to click on any word within the cloud and instantly see all the related responses.

“This means feedback is not lost in the system, as it’s easy to pull information out and share in team meetings for learning purposes.

“It’s also a great morale boost to highlight positive patient feedback for staff!”

Learn more about how the solution has transformed the trust in just three months:

Lancashire South Cumbria Case Study – FFT and Patient Experience 


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