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The “tech-savvy” seniors have arrived – what will this mean for digital health?

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A digital health and wellbeing platform has partnered with an over 65s ‘later living’ provider in order to support “non-drug” health support for seniors. 

Goldster, a digital platform dedicated to the “non-drug” approach to health, has teamed up with luxury residential living provider Riverstone, in a partnership which hopes to improve the way seniors spend retirement. 

Together, they will use digital technology to provide online, interactive fitness classes, as well as art studios, a cinema and club rooms each day. 

The idea beyond the move is to target physical, emotional and even cognitive decline in the over 65s, and keep them healthier, for longer, without the use of pharmaceuticals. 

Goldster told Health Tech World that there will also be a range of high-profile events directly from Riverstone’s Kensington residence, including a talk from Dame Zandra Rhodes, a pioneer of British and international fashion since the 1960s.

Tech for a better retirement 

By operating a monthly subscription based-model of online classes including tai chi, painting, yoga, cookery, life coaching, photography, reading, the company hopes to create a happier and healthier environment for seniors

The program deliberately combines social interventions that are designed to target the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits people seek for their health, particularly for the over-50s. 

As part of the partnership, Goldster’s classes will be available across both Riverstone’s recently launched Kensington residence, and Riverstone Fulham, which is due to open in the autumn (2022). 

Enriching lives 

Goldster’s Founder and Chairman Mike Reid said: “We are delighted to work alongside Riverstone by enriching the lives of their residents with our evidence-based programme. 

“Our mission is to provide accessible, interactive, and fun ways to keep people physically and mentally active, offering every opportunity to age well on their own terms, at their own pace and in their own home.

“Both Riverstone and Goldster recognise the value and importance of community and we believe this partnership will enhance this even further, as well as providing inspiration to build upon active lives.”

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Zoe Wyrko, Director of Well-being at Riverstone said the two companies are “the perfect fit”.

She added: “Their evidence-based approach to staying mentally and physically active and engaged, regardless of age or limitations mirrors what we are doing at Riverstone. 

“Being able to complement our in-house events with their digital programme gives Riverstone residents the best of both worlds”.

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