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Official opening held for London Clinic’s Rapid Diagnostics Centre



An exclusive opening event was held at the Rapid Diagnostics Centre on Harley Street, on Thursday March 14.

The evening was organised to express gratitude to the donors and supporters whose generosity has been pivotal in advancing the charitable mission of The London Clinic.

The London Clinic opened in 1932 and has been a charity since 1935, supported by the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen.

Opening the Rapid Diagnostics Centre is part of The London Clinic’s charitable purpose to invest surplus income to continuously update equipment and facilities, fund research and train staff to improve health outcomes for patients and to benefit the local community.

The development of the Rapid Diagnostics Centre was made possible by generous donations, including an initial donation of £4-million from the Rausing family.

Attendees included:

  • Chairman of The London Clinic –  Mr Hamish Leslie Melville
  • Mr Julian Best and Mr Mark Kildea- representing Howard de Walden Estate.
  • Mr Robbie Winders- representing the Mittal Foundation
  • Mrs Alison Meek – representing Phillips Trust, accompanied by her husband Sir Robert Francis KC
  • Mr. Prakash Chhabria and Mr Michael Urwick – representing the Mukul Madhav Foundation
  • Mr Martin Paisner – a Trustee of The London Clinic, representing the Dorset Foundation

Chairman, Mr Hamish Leslie Melville said: “The Rapid Diagnostics Centre was made possible through the unwavering support and dedication of our generous donors.

Thanks to this centre, we are poised to provide over 10,000 rapid cancer diagnostics and screenings this year, with a commitment to ensuring at least 4,000 of these are accessible to individuals from underserved communities and those experiencing prolonged wait times for appointments.

“This is possible through our partnerships with NHS hospitals, including established referral systems with esteemed institutions such as University College London Hospital and Royal Free Hospital.”

As another branch of The London Clinic’s community work in 2023, the hospital launched its first community health pop-up in collaboration with a local youth and community club, providing resources, answering queries, and facilitating referrals for diagnostic testing.

Following positive feedback, The London Clinic have committed to hosting these events on a bi-monthly basis, targeting different communities in need across London.

From diagnosis to treatment, The London Clinic is equipped to host a patient’s entire health journey in a safe and caring environment, with expert clinical specialists.

  • The Rapid Diagnostics Centre is located in a prime location at 142-146 Harley Street, in a new six-floor purpose-built facility, right across from The London Clinic’s main hospital.
  • With the new Centre patients don’t face long wait lists- people can book in and be seen within 24-48 hours
  • With its own state-of-the-art pathology lab, The London Clinic can conduct and review tests and scans, and get the results reported directly to the doctor or consultant within 72 hours of testing – so patient waiting time, and worry time is significantly reduced.
  • When required the Centre will offer same day rapid access to radiological and minor ‘procedures to visualise tissue and take biopsies.
  • Once a treatment plan is in place, patients will be offered personalised support which could include therapy-based treatments such as Talking Therapies (with specialised psychologists), physiotherapy (including pilates and pelvic health), dietetics, or occupational therapy, where clinically required.
  • Patients of The London Clinic are treated to the highest quality patient care, with a concierge service, a carefully curated menu from professional chefs, and access to a direct 24/7 support phone number for any follow-up questions and concerns.
  • In addition, patients who remain with The London Clinic for treatment will be supported by dedicated Clinical Nurse Specialists who follow patients through the entire patient journey.

Payment options are designed so treatment is more accessible, with self-pay pathways including all-inclusive packages, 0 per cent finance and tailored payment plans, or availability to pay through private medical insurance.

For more information about the Rapid Diagnostics Centre visit https://www.thelondonclinic.co.uk/services/diagnostics/rapid-diagnostics-centre or for more information about The London Clinic, visit www.thelondonclinic.co.uk

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