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Occuity to unveil new prototype at 100% Optical



Occuity will be showcasing a prototype of the AX1 for the first time at 100% Optical.

The medtech company announced their intention to develop a handheld device capable of measuring axial length at last year’s show.

Occuity has been able to rapidly develop the prototype by building upon its patented optical technology platform.

The AX1 will also use the same form factor as the company’s pachymeter, the Occuity PM1, which will go on sale this year, with the AX1 planned to follow in 2024.

The technology platform allows Occuity’s devices to be very compact, handheld, and able to take measurements such as corneal thickness and axial length in just a few seconds.

Occuity CEO and Co-founder, Dr Dan Daly, said:

“Axial length (AXL) is becoming well established as the critical measurement in studies looking at the progression and control of myopia and the interest we have seen in the AX1 has been phenomenal.

“Last year a survey of 600 optometrists indicated that 94 per cent didn’t have an efficient way to measure axial length and, when asked a follow-up question if they wanted a cost-effective, easy-to-use, handheld solution, 94 per cent said they did.

“We’re really excited to bring an early AX1 prototype to the show and demonstrate its capabilities as well as giving people the first chance to see the device for themselves.

With their non-contact capabilities, the devices can be used by front office staff and require no consumables.

The AXI and PM1 are charged wirelessly via a charging dock and their small footprint saves valuable space.

Occuity will be exhibiting at 100% Optical on Stand M450.

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