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NOE CPC’s expanding digital toolkit helps you find the best solution for your ICT needs



The IT procurement landscape in healthcare and the public sector is constantly evolving and the growing team of experts at NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) are striving to be at the forefront of the industry, embracing new innovations to ensure the best results for our customers.

We are constantly working on ways to expand our digital toolkit, making it simpler and easier for our customers to access our wide range of frameworks and services.

The latest addition to our digital toolkit is the Vendor Discount Matrix, which has been developed to allow users to identify the best value vendor offering by a framework supplier for a given requirement under the Total Technology Solutions framework agreement.

The Quick Quote Tool is also available on both our Total Technology Solutions and our IT Hardware and Services frameworks, making them quick and easy to access for price only quotation requests.

We continue to work with NHS England (NHSE) to ensure all of our frameworks are of the highest standard.

NHSE has released guidance to simplify purchasing IT and digital goods and services in the NHS.

As a part of this guidance, NHSE has endorsed 36 frameworks as the most optimal routes to market for NHS buyers, four of which are provided by NOE CPC.

With these endorsements, NHSE aims to reduce duplication in the IT and digital market whilst ensuring the high quality and standards that the NHS requires.

The full list of endorsed frameworks is available online here, as well as details on the minimum standards aligned to each pillar.

Our frameworks

The IT Hardware and Services (LINK3) framework covers all end user device requirements you could need including desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices, printers and specialist healthcare-related IT Hardware such as laptop carts and clinical displays.

You can utilise the online Quick Quote tool to request quotes from all suppliers in the relevant lot, for price only quotation requests, under the framework for your straightforward IT hardware requirements.

The Total Technology Solutions framework offers the ability to purchase non-clinical IT infrastructure hardware, software, and services both in isolation and in any combination as part of a complete solution.

The framework removes barriers to the delivery of complete IT solutions from a range of capable suppliers.

You can request quotations via the online Quick Quote Tool to further compete for your infrastructure requirements where price is the only evaluation criteria.

Our Healthcare Performance Analytics and Benchmarking Systems framework covers a range of system functionalities and services required by NHS trusts, including performance dashboards, quality drill downs and mortality comparators, clinician outcomes and market share/referral modules.

You can achieve considerable savings potential (up to 50 to 65 per cent) by using multi modules and/or full suite systems.

The ICT Solutions Delivery framework offers access to quality consultancy providers with health industry experience.

The multi-lot agreement covers a wide range of services and aims to address future technology needs and meet ad-hoc ICT consultancy requirements.

We work hand in hand with our colleagues in the public sector to innovate and stay at the forefront of the procurement industry.

To find out more about our Technology (ICT) frameworks, visit our website or email our Support Desk.

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