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NHS tech platform expands into France

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A successful tech platform which connects NHS and social care workers with shifts has had such success in the UK that it plans to expand into France.

Florence is an app that connects nurses and care professionals with open shifts, cutting out the need for agency middlemen so shifts are filled directly. The health tech platform also provides care organisations with rota and e-learning tools to make workforce management easier.

The NHS has long-suffered from a stretched workforce and has recently been crippled under record demand, meaning patients are waiting longer for treatment, and staff are pushed to their limits.

Expansion of health tech platform

Initially, Florence will be expanding over four key areas in France; sales, operations, marketing and technology. To lead this team Florence has appointed Benjamin Huguet as the country manager, who has extensive experience in tech-based startups.

After experiencing standout growth year on year in the UK since 2017, the healthcare tech startup plans to continue its mission to solve the global healthcare staffing crisis by making care outstanding, through innovation and technology.

Benjamin Huguet , French Country Manager, said: “The healthcare system is vastly under supported which is why it is our mission to ensure health and social care workers have not just access to shifts, but are well-equipped to deliver their best performance.

“Florence has revolutionised the healthcare industry with its goal of fixing the broken staffing model for good. We need this in France more now than ever before.

“It’s a privilege to spearhead operations in France, as the company expands across Europe.”

Funding round success

Earlier this year, Florence announced a Series B funding round totalling $35 million (£28.5 million) to invest in product expansion in the UK and international markets.

Florence already works with over 100,000 e-learners, 90,000 nurses and healthcare workers, and over 2000 organisations.

The expansion into France is the next exciting step for the UK based tech innovator.

Florence aims to fill 2,500 shifts a month before the end of 2023, working with over 150 care providers and more than 500 nurses.

The company’s decision to expand has come at a time when France is suffering from a similar post-covid staffing crisis to the UK.

The pandemic has meant the French healthcare sector is suffering from possible closures as a direct result of staffing shortages.

Existing COVID restrictions have meant that many healthcare workers are having to work harder, with less resources, which is having an impact on patient care.

Dr Charles Armitage; former NHS doctor, CEO and founder of Florence, said: “This is a really exciting step.

“We now serve more than a quarter of the social care sector in the UK and operate across 99% of the country.

“Florence has over 90,000 healthcare workers and 2000 organisations on the platform and we are hoping to replicate this success in France.

“France’s care service sector is structured in a similar way to the UK, making our offering very transferable and giving us the ability to create a world-class experience for both care workers and organisations.”



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