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NHS roll-out for new remote high blood pressure system

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Health tech firm OMRON Healthcare has announced the adoption of a new high blood pressure monitoring system by 150 UK CCGs overseeing hundreds of health facilities.

OMRON Hypertension Plus is designed to help NHS clinicians manage the patient’s medication plan remotely; based on the patient’s home blood pressure results.

It generates a bespoke medication plan for the patient, which is recommended directly to the clinician, who can then accept or modify plans at their discretion and inform patients via a mobile app.

Over time, the readings and other data inform clinicians when it’s time for their patients to progress in their treatment plan or if there is any urgent action to be taken.

These recommendations are underpinned by an algorithm founded on clinically proven medication titration techniques for hypertension, based on current National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. 

Over 150 UK practices are included in the roll out phase – managed by clinical commission groups (CCGs) – with further CCGs encouraged to join the initiative. 

This, combined with various home blood pressure devices made available through the NHS at Home initiative, will equip practitioners and patients with the latest digital tools to manage hypertension, OMRON says.

Once rolled out across the UK, it is estimated that Hypertension Plus will save significant GP time and that up to a third of appointments for hypertension could be freed up, according to estimation by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC).

The design of Hypertension Plus was shaped by the TASMINH home blood pressure trials, a clinical study that proved the potential to reduce blood pressure through self-management and remote adjustment of medications.

In particular, TASMINH4 showed a significant (4.7mmHg) blood pressure reduction in systolic after 12 months of using a telemonitoring platform to titrate when compared to usual care pathways. 

Paul Stevens, connected services and solutions director of OMRON Healthcare Europe, says: “Even before the current pandemic, long-term chronic disease management was creating significant strain on healthcare systems, with a shortage in healthcare professionals the norm across Europe.

“Hypertension Plus enables doctors to adjust the intake of prescription medication remotely and empowers patients to actively manage their condition to achieve a significant blood pressure reduction, which may result in significantly lower rates of heart attacks and strokes throughout the UK and Europe.”

Dr Nav Chanaclinical director of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) said: “COVID-19 has highlighted more than ever the importance of managing cardiovascular risk factors particularly in target populations.

“Technologies such as Hypertension Plus can help primary care clinicians to appropriately target their workload so that they are using their skills most appropriately and able to support patients with the resources they need to manage their blood pressure.”


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