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Partnership to drive forward advances in measurement science



A new partnership between the National Horizons Centre (NHC) and National Measurement Laboratory  (NML) is set to support industry partners across the North East of England.

The three-year Metrology for Biosciences and Healthcare Innovation Partnership (MetBioP) strategic partnership will aim to advance metrology research, with particular focus on applications to biomanufacturing scale-up and the interface of measurements with digital analytics.

MetBioP will prioritise the development of sector-specific training programmes to support the development of large-scale manufacturing processes. It will achieve these aims through several different activities including:

•                      Joint research funding applications.

•                      Developing increased connectivity to SMEs in and start-ups in the region through shared networks.

•                      Raising awareness of metrology across the scientific community.

•                      Knowledge transfer in metrology expertise.

•                      Apprenticeships and skills development programmes to develop the next generation of metrologists.

•                      Co-design and delivery of new training.

•                      Commercial activities to support companies in the region.

As the UK’s designated institute for chemical and bio-measurement, the NML plays a leading role in developing best practice and harmonising measurements across the world. It spans a range of sectors including advanced therapeutics, diagnostics, safety and security. It is also home to the Government Chemist, responsible for resolving scientific disputes, mainly in the food and feed sectors, and giving advice to regulators and industry.

The NHC, based at Teesside University’s Darlington campus at Central Park, is a national centre of excellence for the bioscience industries, which brings together industry, academia, talent and world-class facilities to create real-world impact.

NHC director Dr Jen Vanderhoven says: “We are delighted to sign this partnership with the National Measurement Laboratory.

“By working together we will be supporting the sector with applied research which will ultimately drive forward advances in the development of new medicines and the delivery of treatment.”

Visiting the NHC, the UK Government Chemist and Director of NML, Professor Julian Braybrook, signed a Memorandum of Understanding as part of the new, long-term strategic partnership with the NHC.

Professor Braybrook says: “The new partnership will provide an opportunity to develop the next generation of metrologists in the North East of England, through establishing specialist training qualifications and increased connectivity to industry partners. It will also help us promote the incorporation of high-quality measurement science in research and innovation.”

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