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New UK data presented at NHS ConfedExpo reveals patient experience is in decline



New data to be presented at this year’s NHS ConfedExpo (15 – 16 June 2022) reveals patient experience over the past year has been steadily declining – with the gap widening between the best and worst performing regions.

The results of this ground-breaking data will be presented for the first time at NHS ConfedExpo – one of the biggest and most significant healthcare conferences in the UK – by health technology start-up PEP Health.

Over the past three and a half years, PEP Health – a pioneering AI patient listening tool – has been collecting and analysing patient views on the health services they have received across the NHS.

The platforms showcase the latest patient experience results across all NHS Acute and Specialist Trusts, gathered since before the first lockdown in 2020.  The regional data is built up from individual results for each trust in that region and then aggregated into the graph attached.

Dr Mark Lomax, CEO of PEP Health, said:

“It is an honour to be presenting the results of our data for the very first time at the leading NHS ConfedExpo.

“The figures reveal the real status of the patient experience across the NHS, providing key insights on where the gaps lie at a regional level, meaning important questions can be asked as to what can be done to target service improvement where it is most needed.

“We look forward to exhibiting on the AWS Booth to showcase the extensive value that our technology can offer to hospitals in the UK, providing an important new way to assess and enhance the patient experience.”

PEP Health’s data – which looks at patient comments up to Thursday 8th June 2022 – offers a vital new way for Trusts to understand patient perceptions at a regional level.

Since starting to collect the data 3.5 years ago, the figures demonstrate that variation from good to poor has never been wider, with London consistently falling further behind other regions.

The results show that, despite improvements in public perception which align with national lockdowns – coinciding with campaigns such as “Clap for Carers”, which led to an overall increase in appreciation of the NHS – public perceptions have been steadily declining over the last two and a half years.

The company’s revolutionary technology has been developed to align with the NHS Long Term Plan to improve patient experience and outcomes by giving greater transparency about what patients really think about their care.

The technology works by allocating an average overall score for patient satisfaction for each region, with a score of 3 indicating equal numbers of positive and negative comments.

Dr Lomax adds:

Our latest results show that London is consistently being outperformed by other regions in the UK, and we need to understand why. The recovery which was seen earlier in the year has now also disappeared in most regions and is now declining.

“While the results appear disheartening, they provide important insights into what patients really think about their care and where there is space for major improvement- there’s much more we could do to learn from those hospitals providing high quality experience for patients.”

 The pioneering PEP Health platform works by monitoring all patient comments left on online review platforms and on social media, offering a revolutionary new way to assess patients’ experience of care across UK NHS Acute and Specialist Hospitals and Trusts.

PEP Health – one of 12 companies selected to participate in the first ever Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Accelerator in the UK – will be exhibiting on the AWS Booth at this year’s NHS ConfedExpo, where they will demonstrate the value that their pioneering AI patient listening tool can provide to hospitals, empowering them with a novel way of gauging the patient experience, while sharing results of their latest patient experience data.

Visit PEP Health on the AWS Booth (Stand: E57) at NHS ConfedExpo. The event takes place 15-16 June 2022 in Liverpool. For more information, visit: https://www.nhsconfed.org/events/nhs-confedexpo

For more information about PEP Health, visit: https://www.pephealth.ai/.

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