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New software provides daily updates on England’s COVID-19 hotspots

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A COVID-19 ‘hotspot tracker’ has been launched to help identify high risk areas for businesses and individuals as the nation begins to return to normality and local travel increases.

Developed by flow chemistry engineering firm Vapourtec, the ‘league table’ encompasses all of the local authorities across England and is updated daily, presenting the latest reported cases of Coronavirus per million of the population.

The software was originally created as a way of assessing the risk for Vapourtec engineers making site visits to customers but has evolved into a tool that can be freely used by anyone.

Vapourtec’s managing director, Duncan Guthrie said: “One of our software engineers, Josh Ridgway has organised the government’s COVID-19 positive test data into an easily presented form that will give an up to date view of the ‘COVID-19 risk’ associated with each local authority in England.

“The data is updated every day and is presented as a league table, arranged from highest daily cases to lowest daily cases with a graph available for each local authority.

“Recently, the government has done a great job increasing testing to a level that puts us in the top 5% of countries in the world for tests per head of population.

“The drawback with the data is that it is presented as overall infection rate rather than infection rates that are applicable now, today.

“This is why Mr Ridgway wrote the data analysis software. It allows us to assess risk for our service engineers and we feel it can also play an important role for other businesses and individuals seeking the latest information.”

Vapourtec, based near Cambridge (UK), designs and manufactures flow chemistry systems and associated technologies used for research purposes by pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. Vapourtec’s systems are being utilised in the search for Covid-19 treatments.

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