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New medical centre puts empathy at heart of curriculum



The Stoneygate Trust and University of Leicester have combined to create a pioneering new training centre focused on instilling the value of empathy in healthcare.

The £10m Stoneygate Centre for Excellence in Empathic Healthcare will deliver empathy-focused training for undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare students and professionals in Leicester.

Leicester Medical School is the only UK institute to deliver a mandatory empathy-focused curriculum to its foundation year students despite an increasing recognition of the hugely positive benefits that empathy can bring to healthcare provision.

This training will now be enhanced and extended across the whole school.

Professor Nishan Canagarajah, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester said:

“Our vision is to create a Centre of excellence that will lead the sector in placing empathy at the heart of improved and effective healthcare for patients locally and across the UK.

“Through the expertise and dedication of the team, and with the generous and inspirational philanthropic support of The Stoneygate Trust, we will cement Leicester’s place at the forefront of the empathic healthcare movement, and as a world-leader in producing the most highly capable and empathic doctors and practitioners.”

Empathy will be integral to all parts of the curriculum, with prospective students’ aptitude for empathy being assessed at the application stage.

The Centre will also undertake pioneering research into the impact of empathic care on both patients and practitioners and campaign for empathy to be placed at the heart of our healthcare system.

Professor Richard Holland, Head of Leicester Medical School, said:

“A medical school’s job is to create talented graduates with excellent knowledge, clinical skills, and ability to consult.

“At Leicester, our ambition has always been to take that mission further and ensure that our students also have a genuinely holistic and empathic approach to all their patients.

“This unique Centre will allow us to undertake a step change in the way we educate and develop doctors of the future, to ensure patients feel that they have been cared for with empathy.

“I am excited to see the long-term impact that the work of the Centre will have on our students and their future patients.

“It is only through partnership with The Stoneygate Trust that we will be able to realise our shared vision.”

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