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New development to reduce data mistakes in the war on Covid

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REINER have developed technology which can print data directly onto the patient's vaccination slip

A German company has developed technical equipment to improve the management of patients’ data at mobile vaccination centres.

The technical equipment simplifies the data for administration of the vaccine programme.

REINER initially updated its digital vaccination devices with add-ons for measuring patients’ temperatures at the vaccination centres.

Now they’ve developed equipment which allows data to be printed directly onto the patient’s vaccination slip or certificate.

We want to contribute to the professional handling of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Gerolf Heldmaier, director of sales and marketing at REINER.

“We were able to upgrade our devices with smart add-ons to use them for mobile temperature measurement during the first wave already.

“Now, we use our existing device portfolio in combination with the VacCenAPP software to offer a reliable basis for a digitised, and therefore likely error-free, vaccination process.

“These components contribute to a fast and safe vaccination campaign. They don’t come with any high import fees either since they are made right in Baden-Württemberg. This keeps them available at short notice and in the long run.”

The secure data acquisition is performed using the REINER SCT cyber Jack® wave chip card reader. The REINER VacCenAPP processes the master data of eGK/KVK while also serving as the printing software.

The REINER jetStamp® 1025 inkjet printer then directly prints the data on the vaccination slip or into the vaccination certificate without any errors.

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