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New computer partnership launched to provide high-tech medical PCs



The final goal is to provide powerful next-generation medical PCs

A leading industrial computer manufacturer has launched a new alliance with a well known medical IT hardware company.

The partnership between DFI, and ACL, a well-known German medical IT hardware manufacturer, sets out to open up opportunities in the smart healthcare market.

DFI has 40 years of experience in industrial computers while ACL has been at the top of the medical personal computer market since 1995. 

With considerable expertise in medical IT hardware for ICU/IMC and digital operating rooms, they say they will work on business opportunities in the smart healthcare market.

With over 25 years of quality in the Germany market, ACL’s medical computer products are widely used in 29 out of the 37 university hospitals in Germany and deployed in many well-known medical institutions in Europe. ACL also manufactures medical-related products for many world-renowned brands such as Dräger, Olympus, eSATURNUS (Sony Group), ATMOS, XION, Cascination, Zimmer Biomet, Humanscale, and HT Group.

In the initial stage, DFI will support ACL in the sales of their medical product portfolio in America and APAC and starting a strategic alliance.

In response to the safety, complexity, immediacy, and diversity of the medical environment, digital medical equipment must integrate various peripheral devices and is essential for service quality.

It must also have unique designs that are not common in general industrial computers. There are many demanding requirements in terms of electronics, mechanical engineering, integrations, and certifications. Artificial intelligence (AI) penetrates the medical field, and it also needs to support various AI co-processors’ flexibility. These concepts will rely on DFI’s innovative mainboard design and excellent quality management.

This strategic partnership will combine their strengths and focus on development resources and increase the hardware capability for upcoming products. 

The final goal is to provide powerful next-generation medical PCs to fulfill the growing hardware demands for the newest software solutions, using heavy image processing or edge computing. 

Both will emphasize the combination of hardware requirements for demanding applications like streaming, recording, and 3D real-time visualization for augmented, mixed, and virtual reality with proven and durable designs specified for medical applications and the environment. 

Another aspect is to continue to boost modern hardware solutions for 5G and keep the application connected in fast, upcoming infrastructures.

“DFI and ACL, the leader in the smart medical market, are cooperating to create smart healthcare solutions. It is hoped that these high-quality products will open up endless business opportunities and help the medical system overcome the difficult challenges brought about by an ageing society,” said Steven Tsai, President of DFI.

“For seven years, we have worked together with DFI. This strategic partnership can help us to get the latest technologies from Taiwan and faster integration into our custom-made products to the medical field,” said Thomas Wollesky, CEO of ACL.

The COVID-19 epidemic has spawned a huge demand for smart healthcare. The medical and health industry is entering a critical period of digital transformation. The alliance between DFI and ACL hopes to make an effort to improve the quality of healthcare in an ageing society.“

Founded in 1981, DFI is a leading global provider of high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries. DFI’s industrial-grade solutions enable customers to optimize their equipment and ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and round the clock durability in a breadth of markets. These include factory automation, medical, gaming, transportation, smart energy, mission-critical, and intelligent retail. 

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