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New app to help veterans in the US access digital health records



The health platform Healthy Together has launched an app in partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to provide nationwide access to digital health records.

The collaboration is part of the current effort by VA’s Lighthouse to provide more ways for veterans to securely access and utilise their health records and data.

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ API platform is part of their digital modernisation strategy and is used to access VA data for building innovative tools for veterans.

Since August 2018, the VA’s public API platform has approved a small group of organisations, including Healthy Together, to access the platform for data.

The company has integrated its mobile platform to aid more than 18 million former military members in accessing data from these facilities, eliminating manual processes for VA administrators to deliver and share health information to patients.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the VA to help all veterans gain easy access to their critical health information,” said Jayson Ahlstrom, co-founder and chief product officer at Healthy Together.

“Providing a personalised and up-to-date digital history of vaccinations in the Healthy Together app is just the beginning and we look forward to expanding access.”

With over one and a half million veterans, Florida has become widely known as the most veteran-friendly state in the country and currently, more than half of the state’s households have adopted the app.

The nationwide rollout will begin with mobile access to immunisation records and plans include expansion into additional electronic medical records including test results, allergy records, clinical vitals, medical conditions and appointment records.

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