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MRC Molecular & Cellular Medicine Board appoints new chair

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Professor Maddy Parsons

The MRC Molecular & Cellular Medicine Board (MCMB) has appointed an interdisciplinary cell biologist professor as its new chair.

MRC research boards and panels are made up of a group of scientists who play a key role in delivering MRC objectives across its portfolio. The research boards hold their own research budgets and review and manage scientific activity within their specialist science areas. Board chair tenure typically lasts for four years.

Professor Maddy Parsons’ research focuses on understanding how cell receptor sensing of environmental changes controls signalling, adhesion and migration in the context of different diseases. The focus is on development and implementation of novel advanced microscopy approaches.

She is a professor of cell biology at King’s College London and director of both the Nikon Imaging Centre and the Microscopy Innovation Centre.

Parsons said: “The fantastic advances in enabling technologies, tools and omics approaches over the past decade have been transformative in delivering new insight into the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin disease.

“The MRC has played a critical role in enabling these activities, and in aiding the growth of interdisciplinary science. It is a huge honour to be appointed as MCMB chair to help shape future investments in this diverse, important and rapidly evolving research area.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to assist in the support and development of world-class fundamental biomedical research and to ensuring this remains a key priority area within the MRC portfolio.”

Parsons will begin her tenure as chair on 1 April 2021. Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith will conclude her term at the end of December 2020.

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