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Ministry of Defence announces new medical information provider

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Nine million patients in the UK are already using Cegedim Healthcare Solutions services

The UK Ministry of Defence has chosen a European health tech supplier to deliver its primary medical care information service solution for the next two years.

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions (CHS) has been awarded the contract, having been approved to provide NHS GP clinical systems and NHS pharmacy dispensing software across the UK. 

The move will allow the Defence Medical Services (DMS) to access Cegedim’s core clinical solution, Vision, a service which is currently serving over nine million patients in the UK.

The software, which allows a clinician’s workload to be streamlined and paper-free, will be used to meet the specific needs of the DMS through a range of apps and services.

It enables doctors and nurses to record consultations, create prescriptions and manage medications, order tests, and create referrals.

They can also use the system for collaborative working, as well as being able to benefit from the firm’s pharmacy solution to efficiently dispense medicines.

The DMS will also use Vision as part of its wider Programme CORTISONE, which is aiming to sustainability deliver evidence-based medical solutions across the Armed Forces.

Cegedim is also attempting to improve clinicians’ ability to exchange information within NHS systems from all four nations of the UK. 

Steve Bradley, managing director at Cegedim Group, said: “CHS is the UK’s only approved clinical system supplier across all four UK nations and possesses expertise contributing to creation of a single primary medical care information service solution integrated with the national services in all four countries.

“CORTISONE is a unique, innovative programme and the CHS team is extremely proud and excited to be part of it.”

The DMS is made up of the Royal Navy medical service, Army medical service and the Royal Air Force medical service.

It is responsible for managing the health of all those serving in the armed forces, making sure they are medically fit to be deployed anywhere across the world.

Cegedim cites its aim as bringing to market innovative technology that accelerates improvements in patient care and health outcomes.

It has implemented significant investment to further develop its product portfolio and as recently as last year was awarded compliant status by the GP IT Futures Board.

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