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Miiskin opens skin tracking platform to dermatology research

This will be available for researchers studying skin cancer, wound care, and conditions such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis and eczema.



Skin Miiskin tech

Miiskin is to provide academic researchers with its technology for free to support digital collaboration within new dermatology research in the UK

Digital skin health platform Miiskin has introduced a series of features and developed a digital teledermatology platform. This will now be made available for free for researchers studying skin cancer, wound care, and conditions such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis and eczema.

It will allow the Miiskin app to be used by patients of skincare research and to connect via a secure web portal to dermatology researchers in order to share high-definition skin photos and other structured patient-reported information.

The asynchronous (store-and-forward) teledermatology platform, known as Miiskin PRO, facilitates secure sharing of patient-reported information and high-resolution smartphone images of skin conditions. It also provides a digital body map location tracking and clinical questionnaires for research subjects.

Patients can document and track moles, lesions, and other chronic skin conditions over time, log photos and view images side by side on a screen.

Jon Friis, founder and CEO of Miiskin explained: “Our teledermatology platform launched last year for dermatologists in the US, and has led to an interest in the use of the technology for academic researchers and clinicians to digitally connect with their research subjects.

Miiskin platform

The platform can be used for dermatology research that requires digital skin tracking and high-quality, self-captured skin images from patients who are taking part in research projects. As part of our commitment to supporting dermatology and digital healthcare advances, we are making our new tech available and free to use for academic research projects.”

Miiskin has partnered with the British Skin Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of regular self-examinations of the skin. This awareness can help patients present early warning signs to GPs or specialists. It is now extending this work into skin cancer and chronic skin conditions.

Phil Brady of the British Skin Foundation said: “Research has a crucial role in advancements in healthcare and the future of dermatology delivery. Visual aspects and the evolving nature of skin conditions are important evidence factors for skincare research – and advances in digital healthcare are bringing new ways for researchers to capture self-reported detail and images.”

The platform currently has over 700,00 users and was developed in collaboration with the head of AI and medical computer imaging at the University of Copenhagen.

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