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Medtech leadership insights with Barry Warden

By the Fearsome team



In the realm of effective leadership, insights from experienced professionals can illuminate the path to success.

In our quest to explore the intricacies of leadership, we recently caught up with Fearsome’s senior project manager, Barry Warden, and asked him some questions about the essence and significance of leadership in today’s dynamic medtech landscape.

  • How would you describe your leadership style, and how do you think it has evolved over the years?

I have worked as part of a number of teams since leaving university, and fortunately, I have had the chance to work with a number of strong leaders.

Having come from an engineering background, I have a good understanding of the design process and what it’s like as an engineer working on complex product development projects.

                              Barry Warden

I draw on this experience when managing teams and try to give clear guidance and direction for the projects that I lead.

I would say that over the years, I have learnt to adapt my leadership style to the situation and stage of a particular project, setting the pace of the project as required.

  • How do you foster a positive and inclusive team culture within the organisation?

Having core values that the team can identify with ensures that the team knows what is expected of them as part of a wider team.

Being available to the team to mentor and support is really important, particularly for less experienced team members.

As leader I always try to deflect the pressures of work off of the team members whist balancing this with getting projects completed to a high standard.

  • In a rapidly changing business environment, how do you stay adaptable and encourage your team to do the same?

Being open to change and willing to work across multiple tasks and projects ensures that I can remain adaptable.

Being as organised as you can certainly helps with managing a changing and busy landscape.

Making tasks easy to pick up from were you left off, really helps with covering a large number of varied projects in a short space of time.

  • How do you articulate and communicate the organisation’s vision and strategy to your team?

It’s essential to remind everyone of the bigger picture from time to time, whether this is the project objectives, the benefits to the end user, the great progress that has been made so far, or the achievements of individuals or the team as a whole.

  • How do you encourage collaboration and cross-functional teamwork within the organisation?

Generally, getting smart, motivated people together and working directly on problems gives good results.

It’s important to encourage the team to reach out to their team members and proactively solve problems together.

Remote working has made this more challenging; however, promoting regular, informal communication between team members not only builds relationships but also promotes progress.

Now, we turn the discussion to you, dear readers:

How do you navigate leadership challenges and inspire your team in today’s ever-changing business environment?

Share your thoughts as we continue our journey through the evolving landscape of effective leadership.

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