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AI-powered device identifies 5% of all UK melanoma cases



An AI-powered medical device has successfully identified five percent of all UK melanoma cases in the month of May as part of a Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF).

AUTODERM is a research-backed Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) incorporated in the myGP app.

The clinical research-backed AI dermatology analytics engine is CE marked and registered with the MHRA

In May, 18359 skin ailments were analysed, with the app identifying 80 possible melanomas, 95 squamous cell carcinomas and 202 basal cell carcinomas.

According to a report by Cancer Research UK, 46 melanomas are diagnosed on a daily basis in the UK.

The 80 melanomas represent about five per cent of the number of melanomas found in the UK on a monthly basis. 

AUTODERM CEO, Dr Alexander Börve, said:  “I am very proud of my team and the partnership with iPlato, which lets us reach millions of UK citizens.

The results from our PMCF highlights an example where AI in healthcare has clear benefits.

Since its integration into the myGP app, AUTODERM has scanned over 370,000 mobile phone skin images.

On average, around 500-600 individuals use the skin scanner every day.

The AI engine is designed to deliver rapid, accurate and reliable results, with early detection and timely intervention crucial to improving patient outcomes.

The AI model was assessed in a GP setting, with results published in the journal Nature.

The accuracy was on par with experienced GPs, but it was not as good as a teledermatologist.

However, a GP using AUTODERM as a decision support tool could have prevented 34 per cent of referrals to a dermatologist, the study showed.

The technology also helped GPs diagnose patients correctly in 60 per cent of the skin disease cases.

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