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Loopwheels are wheelchair wheels with integrated suspension, enabling the user to feel less vibration in the chair, as well as feeling reduced impacts from bumps and jolts.

Loopwheels Urban launched in 2020 and hundreds of people around the world now benefit from Loopwheels, from Austria to Australia to the United Kingdom and United States.

Loopwheels offers a much more comfortable ride compared with spoked wheels and many of our customers also find different health benefits dependent on their condition and symptoms.

Steve Smith, a customer with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), told us:

“I’m a T12 Paraplegic and since I’ve had Loopwheels I’ve had less pressure sores and no more back pain, why would you use anything else?”

Lisa Hendricks has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Common EDS symptoms include loose and unstable joints, joint pain and severe fatigue.

Lisa said:

“My spine is very unstable, and with normal wheels I was in a lot of pain. [Loopwheels] really changed my life, as they reduced all the bumps in the road and really reduced my pain”

Cassie who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) echoed that sentiment, saying:

“CRPS means I am in 24/7 pain. With Loopwheels I felt an immediate improvement and they are life saving for me, as I had less pain, and felt more stable.

“The ride was so much smoother meaning it didn’t aggravate my tremors as much ”

There are three key groups that seem to benefit the most from Loopwheels:

1. Customers with conditions where pain is triggered by movement, including EDS and CRPS.

2. Customers who use a power or bike attachment, such as TriRide, Klaxon Klick, Stricker, Batec, Team Hybrid or Street Jet.

Faster travel over the ground can create much more discomfort, therefore these wheelchair users feel the benefit of suspension much faster.

3. Spinal Cord Injury

These customers can experience a number of health complications resulting from their SCI.

Many users report reductions in pain, spasms and fatigue after using Loopwheels.

University of Nottingham postgraduate student Harrison reviewed published evidence on vibration, along with our own testing and surveys, which enabled him to draw some conclusions.

Harrison learned that a massive 50 per cent of wheelchair users suffer from back pain and, despite the complex causes of back pain, 65 per cent of Loopwheels customers reported a noticeable improvement in their back pain.

Similarly, 42 per cent of customers who bought Loopwheels to manage fatigue recorded a noticeable improvement in their fatigue levels.

Some health authorities are completely convinced of the health benefits of Loopwheels.

In fact, in Norway and Germany Loopwheels are available “on prescription”, so if a clinician thinks that Loopwheels will benefit that customer, the state (or health insurance) will pay for the wheels as part of the overall set up for that customer.

We really hope to see more authorities adopting this approach in the future.

So, what does all this tell us?

Firstly, that Loopwheels primarily suit active wheelchair users, and secondly, that it is very important to consider each customer separately.

To help ensure that our prospective customers benefit from Loopwheels, customers in the UK can try any of our wheels for two weeks for just £35 (to cover postage).

What we offer

Launched in 2015, our original Loopwheels Classic are available in seven colours.

Just mix and match your own eye-catching colour combination and away you go.

Loopwheels Classic start at £965 for black springs and a standard pushrim.

Weighing around 1.8kg each, this is a heavier option than a spoked wheel, but customers who go ahead after a trial clearly feel that the benefits offset this weight increase.

Our best-selling wheel is the new Loopwheels Urban.

Customers can order regular, soft or stiff springs dependent on their weight and how they use the wheels.

These wheels are brilliant for everyday use, as they handle all kinds of surfaces, from city streets though to forest tracks with ease.

They really are the only wheels that most people will need.

For serious off-road users we offer Loopwheels Extreme wheels.

These are similar to the Loopwheels Urban but have a mountain bike tyre for extra grip on trails.

Most customers who opt for these will have them as a second pair of wheels that can get muddy and then be left in the car or garage after they have been hosed down!

Loopwheels Urban and Loopwheels Extreme weigh around 1.3kg and cost £1,995 with a regular pushrim.

We understand that the wheels can be expensive for some potential customers and the cost of living crisis is hitting all of us hard.

We are more than happy to help where we can try by offering a payment plan so the wheels can we paid for over 11 months.

Customers have been successful getting grants from charities too, so we recommend researching the available options.

For more information, please contact Loopwheels on 01623 860909 or email to [email protected]

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