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Inventor takes on NHS dental crisis




A Nottingham inventor has come up with a solution to help cut NHS waiting times and make private dental care more affordable.

Dentist Jeevan Boyal has launched AP Care – an app that allows anyone to save 20 per cent on the cost of private dental treatment while reducing the need to wait for much-needed procedures.

Boyal made headlines five years ago when he launched the EZ Teether – the world’s first ever teething device for adults.

The device was aimed at teenagers and young adults suffering with painful wisdom teeth.

Jeevan Boyal, Director of AP Care, said:

“The lack of NHS dentists has led to a huge rise in desperate patients struggling to access affordable dental care.

“AP stands for affordable private, and by making private dental care more affordable we are hoping to ease some of the pressure on the NHS and make private dentistry accessible and convenient for a greater number of people.”

Millions of people across the UK are struggling to access dentistry on the NHS, with many clinics closed to new NHS patients.

Some patients unable to see an NHS dentist have even resorted to pulling out their own teeth.

AP Care enables anyone to book private dental care, with potential savings ranging from £50 for a single extraction to thousands of pounds for a full set of implants.

Boyal said:

“Having lost my mother as a teenager I want to ensure that no one is at the mercy of long waiting lists for any form of healthcare.

“Starting with dentistry, AP Care aims to improve access to affordable private dental care.”

A new plan published on September 22 called on Prime Minister Liz Truss to honour her pledge to reform NHS dentistry.

The plan, signed by more than 60 MPs, outlines ‘a range of measures to help the NHS and social care perform at their best for patients.’

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