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Internet Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to be rolled out across Europe

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Digital healthcare provider Kry Livi will roll out its Internet Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ICBT) programme across Europe next year following a successful study in Sweden.

The service will treat mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and stress, via an app.

It is designed to fit high-quality and effective mental health treatment around patients’ lives.

With close to one billion people now diagnosed with a mental health condition, and Covid-19 limiting access to primary care services around the world, Johannes Schildt, CEO of Kry Livi’s parent group, Kry, said the company is on a mission to make mental health treatment more accessible.

“We see mental health as health and everyone in Europe should have the right to access support when they need it.

“We have delivered over 200m patient interactions and with years of experience in providing gold standard digital mental health provision – now totalling over 300,000 appointments across Europe – we’re seeing up to a threefold increase in mental health-related appointments.

“Our mobile-first ICBT programme offers a progressive approach for psychologists and patients alike. We will enable more patients to have better access to responsive mental health treatment at scale.”

The programme features self-help assessments and modules, as well as chat and video contact with a psychologist, which enables patients to manage symptoms and access specialist support.

Jesper Enander, Kry Livi’s chief psychologist, said the app-based ICBT service offers flexibility for patients, unlike traditional ICBT programmes accessed via a computer, which can be a barrier for some patients.

“As psychologists, we want to make sure that every patient has the best chance to improve their mental health and enhance their quality of life.

“The science already informs us that ICBT is as effective as CBT. But the real game-changer is that ICBT, through a device we have in our pockets, can supercharge our efforts to deliver a standardised, yet highly flexible approach for mental health, with a focus on qualitative and personalised care for our patients.”

In 2022, the programme will be further expanded with partners in Europe and will aim to support additional services. This will include insomnia treatment and parental connect programmes through to chronic disease management for hypertension, diabetes and blood pressure.

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