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Healthtech unicorn Alan achieves unprecedented growth with CircleCI



CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and delivery platform, has played a pivotal role in Alan‘s remarkable growth and success as a pioneering force in the healthcare industry. 

Alan, the disruptive French unicorn and the country’s first digital health company, has already made waves in the healthcare sector by reaching an impressive €280m ARR with a staggering 60 per cent year-on-year growth.

Leveraging the automation capabilities of CircleCI, a Silicon Valley-based unicorn established in 2011, Alan’s software engineering teams have accomplished a remarkable feat of achieving a 45 times growth in the engineering team without compromising development speed.

What sets Alan apart is their commitment to growth without the need for hiring DevOps specialists.

Instead, they have equipped themselves with cutting-edge CI/CD tools, ushering in a systemic change in the way software is produced.

Rémy-Christophe Schermesser, Principal Engineer at Alan, highlights their philosophy, stating:

“We don’t have a DevOps team and we don’t want a DevOps team. We want every engineer to be available to work on any part of the stack.”

By adopting CircleCI early on, even when they only had two developers, Alan exemplifies agility and efficiency, maintaining the nimble startup mindset despite growing their engineering team to an impressive 90 engineers.

Ensuring quality assurance and delivering a superior healthcare product are paramount to Alan’s mission of providing the best experience for their members and becoming one of the largest health companies on earth.

CircleCI’s automated tests have played a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of user experience and application functionality.

By integrating with diverse testing frameworks and tools, Alan can enforce data integrity, security, and privacy, effectively addressing the sensitive nature of health data.

With CircleCI’s seamless integration, Alan can deploy changes to staging and production environments multiple times a day, slashing their time-to-market and enabling rapid innovation.

As Alan’s business continues to expand, CircleCI has consistently demonstrated its reliability and scalability.

Accommodating the growing number of engineers and data scientists at Alan, CircleCI seamlessly scales with the company’s growth trajectory, eliminating the need for significant infrastructure changes or a dedicated DevOps team.

Alan considers CircleCI a fundamental pillar in their engineering practices.

By empowering engineering teams, streamlining CI/CD pipelines, and ensuring the security of their healthcare product, CircleCI emerges as the driving force behind Alan’s ongoing triumphs.

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