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Healthcare innovators and leaders honoured at Imprivata HealthCon user group and awards ceremony



Imprivata, the digital identity company for life- and mission-critical industries, celebrated customer collaboration and innovation at its annual HealthCon user group held at the Royal College of Physicians of London.

Each year, Imprivata hosts a series of regional HealthCon user groups worldwide to highlight customers, share best practices, and facilitate conversations around industry trends.

Held on November 16, the awards ceremony celebrated healthcare leaders that have leveraged Imprivata solutions to drive value, innovation, collaboration, clinical excellence, and organisational impact.

Ross Allen, Vice President of International Sales at Imprivata commented: “As the healthcare sector transforms into a more collaborative environment driven by the creation of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), we are seeing accelerated partnerships between healthcare organisations and technology and service partners.

“This is underscored by the high number of strong nominations all of which showcase impressive enhancements to clinical workflows that enable a greater focus on the patient and their problem.

“I’d like to extend my congratulations to all.”

For each of the six awards, there was an overall Winner as well as Special Commendations in the category reflecting the strength and depth of nominations.

New for 2023 was the Impact Award for the customer who has achieved far reaching results due to an excellent deployment of Imprivata technology.

Customer award winners

Each year, the Proven ROI Award is given to the customer who has fully leveraged their Imprivata solutions, either by deploying effectively across their organisation, saving time, or realising the value of Imprivata solutions in their workflows.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board was honoured this year for its roll out of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management across its three main Emergency Departments spanning North Wales.

This has enabled the Health Board to provide its ED clinicians with fast access to patient information systems via single sign-on logins that demonstrate an immediate return on investment.

Sion Jones, Chief Technology Officer stated: “At Betsi Cadwaladr we are committed to leveraging new and emerging technologies that inspire intuitive and sustainable digital transformation for our workforce.

“As with many technology related projects, we had our fair share of challenges to address and overcome.

“Ensuring a seamless user experience and broad adoption was fundamentally important to us and key to the overall success of the project.

“Working closely with Imprivata, we achieved our aims and are now reaping measurable benefits across our three Emergency Departments.” 

Special commendations went to Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Borders for the roll out of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management and successful campaign to promote badge-tap workflows, respectively.

The Innovator Award for the Imprivata champion whose success story resonates organisational innovation and achievement went to County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. 

The trust achieved a ‘global first’ with their deployment of Imprivata Mobile Device Access, Zebra TC52 mobile computers, Cerner CareAware suite of applications, and Medanets mobile nursing solutions.

The IT team worked closely with Imprivata to develop this new workflow and together found a winning solution that has seen enthusiastic adoption by clinical staff.

Emma Arrowsmith, Digital Matron, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust commented: “We are delighted to have won this award for Innovation which is a testament to the great working relationship between ourselves, Imprivata, and our other technology partners.

“We introduced the Imprivata solution on hand-held devices just before we went live with the EMR so that we could embed the ‘tap-on, tap-off’ working practice.

“It’s quick and gives them access at the bedside as they need it. Our staff have up to date information on individual patients at a glance, meaning patients receive the most appropriate on-going care quickly.”

Special commendations went to Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust for their successful deployment of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management, and North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust –the first trust to deploy Imprivata Privileged Access Management.

The Impact Award for the customer who has achieved an outstanding rollout of an Imprivata solution was presented to Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust has implemented Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management with Spine Combined Workflow Plus, which includes Imprivata Virtual Smartcard in conjunction with Ascom handheld devices.

The solution provides the same fast, tap-and-go workflow process for clinicians on all devices.

Simon Brazier, Digital Clinical Lead said: “The new solution has been a hit with clinicians as it has transformed workflows.

“We’ve had lots of positive feedback at not having to remember loads of passwords all the time.

“It’s saving significant time throughout the day and enables frontline staff to focus on patient care.

“We are delighted to be recognised.”

Special commendations went to Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for its extended deployment of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management to deliver a comprehensive Epic and single sign-on solution, and University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust for their roll out of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management.

The Early Adopter Award for the customer that has significantly contributed to product roadmap initiatives was presented to Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust (HUTH).

The trust has worked closely with Imprivata to develop the Identity Governance integration with NHSmail which automates the provisioning and deprovisioning of NHSmail accounts.

In addition to implementing this within their own Identity Governance workflows, HUTH has helped Imprivata productise the solution so that all Imprivata NHSmail users can benefit from the innovation.

Graham Annan, Group Enterprise Solution Architect said: “We are delighted to receive this award for our collaboration in developing this new functionality.

“When we have fully implemented the Imprivata Identity Governance solution this will significantly reduce manual and repetitive workloads when on- and off-boarding staff, enabling us to fully manage the NHSmail account lifecycle and transforming the way we manage identity and access controls.”

Special commendations went to East Sussex Health NHS Trust for its pioneering work with Imprivata Mobile Device Access, Zebra hand-held devices, and Virtual Smartcard and

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust for its combined deployment of Imprivata OneSign and Confirm ID enterprise access management, and Privileged Access Management for around 6,000 users.

The Clinical Excellence Award for the customer whose clinical team stands out as an exceptional proponent of Imprivata solutions, was presented to Tallaght University Hospital (in collaboration with HSE/E-Health Ireland).

Tallaght University Hospital ran a highly successful pilot project to test single sign-on solutions for staff to quickly access clinical applications.

It improved efficiency, security, safety, and satisfaction for staff and patients and is now part of a national project to deliver full Identity and Access Management across Ireland.

David Wall, Chief Information Officer at ICT, Tallaght University Hospital said: “We have worked closely with Imprivata on this long-term project and are delighted to have won this award.

“The streamlined single sign-on process is delivering real benefits, with an immediate impact on saving our clinical staff valuable time that can be redirected to patient care.

“Our staff are delighted with the difference it is making to the enhanced care they can now deliver.

“From an organisational point of view, this significant improvement was rolled out without the need for a major investment in new technology.”

Special commendations went to NHS Highlands for its approach to clinical and IT collaboration to promote innovation and support patient care, and Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust where the involvement of clinicians resulted in an extremely successful deployment of Imprivata OneSign enterprise access management.

The Outstanding Collaboration Award for the customer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the development and roll out of solutions across the Imprivata portfolio was presented to Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

For over ten years, Royal Free has been a key partner and innovator with Imprivata and was the first to test and deploy the MFR75 proximity card reader, and an early adopter of Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow with Virtual Smartcard, Mobile Device Access, Identity Governance, and Confirm ID enterprise access management.

It was also the first customer site, globally, to host the Imprivata Customer Advisory Board at the HIMSS Level 7 site at Chase Farm Hospital.

Monica Ralhan, Head of Endpoint Infrastructure and End-user Experience, Digital Services, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust commented: “Over the years we have built a truly special relationship with Imprivata and are delighted to accept this award.

“We have collaborated on many different digital identity projects that ultimately put information in the hands of the clinicians, at the point of care, helping us to deliver excellent services to our patients.”

Special commendations went to South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where its strong partnership with Imprivata during testing and verification for Imprivata Virtual Smartcard led to accreditation from NHS Digital and NHS England, and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust for the largest deployment of Imprivata GroundControl mobile access and control and Identity Governance in Europe.

For more information on Imprivata’s award winners, the company and its solutions, visit the Imprivata website.

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