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Harbour Biomed launches ‘Ideas to IND’ subsidiary




Harbour BioMed has announced the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary, Nona Biosciences.

Nona Biosciences will provide next-generation antibody and biotherapeutic solutions to partners, from discovery to IND.

The new subsidiary will leverage Harbour BioMed’s technology platforms, including the Harbour Mice and HBICE, to make these technologies broadly accessible to biotechnology and biopharma companies and academic institutions.

Nona Biosciences has opened access to its patented technology platform Harbour Mice to  empower the discovery and development of next-generation innovative therapeutics worldwide.

The new approach provides a ‘significant new alternative’ to the company’s Harbour Mice platform licensing, Harbour said.

Dr. Jingsong Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Harbour BioMed, said:

“The biopharma industry is moving towards more complex, fully human biologic therapeutics, such as bi-specific antibodies and antibody drug conjugates, as well as cell therapies including CAR-T, CAR-NK and mRNA-based drugs.

“Nona Biosciences will capitalize on our strong track record in biologic discovery and development, and the validation of our Harbour Mice® platform, which has been widely adopted by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic centres.

“We believe our platforms, model and highly experienced team will empower our partners to drive biotherapeutic innovation, benefit industry-wide development, and ultimately patients, worldwide.”

Sinceits founding six years ago, Harbour Biomed has built and applied its discovery platforms to create an extensive therapeutic pipeline.

The Harbour Mice platforms have been validated by more than 50 corporate and academic partners including Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, with more than 10 projects reaching clinical trials to date.

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