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Top ten tech for good start-ups and scale-ups announced

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Hays Technology and Empact Ventures have announced the ten Innovation Winners of the Super Connect for Good competition.

The competition was set up in 2020 to uncover the best emerging tech start-ups and scale-ups creating a positive impact on people’s lives through technology.

The 10 Innovation Winners were selected by 10 public sector and private sector organisations in areas from AI for Good to HealthTech and more who will win prizes to support them.

The innovation winners include BrainBerry, based in Loughborough, developers of artificial intelligence and personalised enabled cognitive behavioural therapy to help those with neurological symptoms, including Alzheimer’s.

Kartheka Bojan, director, BrainBerry said: “We are really excited to have received the title as a health tech winner.

“This award has given us more confidence and to be recognised by the Leed NHS Trust as the best innovation that will motivate us to move forward with our journey to fight dementia and mental health issues.

“We are looking forward to working together with the Leeds NHS trust to bring our technology to be patient-centric and help all healthcare stakeholders within the dementia pathway.”

Nosy, based in London was also included in the top ten winners, developers of cutting-edge wearable technology to provide effective protection against air pollution.

Also featured were Kide Science in Helsinki who supports children to get excited about the natural sciences through play-based learning, storytelling and dramatic arts.

The overall champion was revealed as Medisieve, a biotech company, developing “Magnetic Blood Filtration” (MBF), a combination of a device and a therapeutic platform for treating blood-borne diseases by removing pathogens, toxins or other targets directly from a patient’s bloodstream.

The company aims to provide hospitals with a tool to tackle diseases such as sepsis, malaria and leukaemia and viral infections such as Covid-19.

Simon Winfield, managing director of Hays UK & Ireland, and judge at the virtual final, said: “Having the opportunity to hear about the innovative ideas developed by the winners who feature within the top ten list was incredibly impressive, and highlights the creativity the start-up scene has to offer across the UK, Ireland and European regions.

“All of the winners are genuinely creating technology that will improve and enhance lives and we’re looking forward to supporting these organisations in the next stage of their growth.”

The 10 Innovation Winners announced were:

Nosy (AI for Good)
Klik2Learn (EdTech)
Brainberry (HealthTech)
QV Bioelectronics (MedTech)
CurveBlock (FinTech for Good)
Swift Comply (Smart Cities)
Citibeats (Industry Challenge)
IGS (CleanTech)
Univarsity (Pre-Seed Challenge)
Happaning (General Tech for Good)

Kosta Mavroulakis, founder and CEO, Empact Ventures, said: “Congratulations to Medisieve and our inspirational innovation winners for the aggregate social impact they are creating today and tomorrow.

“I’d like to thank Hays for making this initiative possible and all our fantastic partners and judges for volunteering their time to support it.”

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