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Glucose Republic to build first app focused on the impact of food

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Glucose Republic (GR) has raised a £500,000 investment round from leading equity investors Deepbridge Capital and the Development Bank of Wales, to build the world’s first system focused on what impact food has upon us.

GR combines biology and software to help us live and eat better. The Cardiff headquartered company was formed by Julian Shapley and David Haines, who were previously involved in developing the world’s first mobile-connected diabetes management platform.

Every person has a unique food fingerprint, which shows how we react to foods. We can access that fingerprint via tracking our own glucose levels. This can be utilised to provide users with personalised feedback on the metabolic impact of the food they have eaten, enabling them to make meal choices with greater confidence.

The GR system allows users to directly measure how their body is reacting to the foods they eat and the things they do.

Understanding the glucose impact enables customers to look, feel and be better, adapting their food plans to their own lifestyles enabling customers to understand their personal reactions to food, creating individual responses and sustainable pathways going forward.

GR CEO David Haines said the GR platform will enable greater control of eating choices and increased food freedom.

“We are delighted that Deepbridge and the Development Bank of Wales have joined our mission to help customers understand the impact of their food choices, and benefit from our glucose proposition.”

At a time of record cardiovascular disease, as well as the impact of COVID-19, GR believes its entry to the market to be timely.

Development Bank of Wales senior investment executive Doctor Richard Thompson said: “We are delighted to co-invest with Deepbridge again and to support Glucose Republic.

“Our equity investment will help Julian, David and the team realise their potential, improving people’s health by empowering individuals to choose the foods that are best for them.”

GR was advised by Capital Law. Deepbridge was represented by their in-house counsel, and the Development Bank of Wales was advised by Geldards.

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