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Ganymed Robotics raises €36 million in Series B



Ganymed Robotics has extended its Series B with an additional close of €15 million, bringing the total Series B amount to €36 million.

The company develops computer vision software and robotics technologies for orthopaedic surgeons

The combined funds will be used to complete development of Ganymed Robotics’ surgical robotic assistant for knee arthroplasty (TKA), accelerate regulatory and market access activities and diversify its innovation product pipeline.

Sophie Cahen, CEO and co-founder of Ganymed Robotics, said:

“Welcoming such highly valuable investors a few months after an oversubscribed Series B first close, puts us in an extremely solid position amid a worldwide financing crunch for start-ups.

“We now have the resources and expertise to bring our unique patented technology to market, with the aim to become standard of care for joint replacement.”

Ganymed Robotics aims to democratise access to quality care in orthopaedics and allow all such patients throughout the world, to benefit from high-quality care.

The company has developed a proprietary technology platform built around two disruptive innovations: contactless localisation of the bones and human-machine collaborative movement.

Its first application is a co-manipulated surgical robotic assistant for total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

Michel Therin, DVM, PhD, Chairman of Ganymed Robotics’ Board, said:

“Robotic assistance, together with image guidance and clinical decision tools, will be pivotal to push the limits of what can be achieved surgically and even more important to offer quality care to everyone, everywhere, in the context of a worldwide shortage on medical expertise and staff.

“Ganymed Robotics, with its proprietary intuitive technology and highly talented team, is uniquely positioned to win on both aspects in the field of joint replacement.”

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