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Gamification boosts medical training in UK-first



The UK’s first healthcare training app to use simulated working environments to equip care and medical staff with the skills they need has been launched. 

Newcross World is an app-based training platform, which provides a virtual 3D world of the settings in which staff work – such as hospitals, care homes, prisons and schools – bringing gamification into training. 

The technology, from Newcross Healthcare, can be used away from a desktop computer and is accessible 24 hours a day, introducing new flexibility into the traditional process. 

Additionally, a new virtual shift for complex care at home has also launched. The virtual shifts use computer gaming technology to provide immersive, interactive experiences that train nurses and carers to better assess an individual’s physical, clinical and emotional needs.

The shifts feature several scenarios, all of which are based on real life situations that have been blended to provide the best learning possible in a simulated environment.

In the complex care at home scenarios staff meet Sami, a six-year-old boy who is nervous about having his tracheostomy changed, whose family has some challenging dynamics. Another shift features Kesia, a young lady who lives with a range of complex physical care needs, and enablement trips are organised to support her.

In an establishment setting scenario, staff care for Major Bingley, who lives with dementia and resides in a care home. When Major Bingley falls against a radiator, the situation must be safely managed whilst taking into account the communication challenges Major Bingley’s dementia poses.  

Michelle Gorringe, COO of Newcross Healthcare, explains: “As well as testing knowledge, these shifts enable nurses and carers to learn how to make decisions in an array of situations. 

“To provide clinical excellence, our nurses and carers are trained to meet an individual’s emotional needs as well as their physical and clinical requirements.

“I have a background in nursing myself, so I know how nurses and carers struggle to balance their personal and professional lives and how hard it is to find time for training and career development. I also understand how challenging it can be to gain the clinical skills required to work in new care environments.

“Newcross World creates a pioneering, virtual learning environment in which nurses and carers can develop their careers, helping us to deliver outstanding care in a way that is kind, thoughtful and dignified.”

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