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Future Surgery to showcase remote surgery smart glasses



A live simulation of a remotely assisted surgery will be showcased by Prof. Jaap Bonjer in real-time at the London ExCeL Centre during this year’s Future Surgery, accompanied by Professor Shafi Ahmed who will be dialling in remotely from South Africa.

During the event, the experts will showcase the use and benefits of the revolutionary Rods&Cones remote assistance service, including the unique smart glasses known as the visOR, which are typically worn by the surgeon.

The technology enables HealthTech experts, assisting surgeons, medical students and others to see and communicate with healthcare professionals working in any operating room, anywhere in the world, in real-time.

With visOR, the remote expert can see, from a distance in full HD, exactly what the surgeon sees as they operate in the OR, in combination with the other devices from the portable R&C Kit, the remote experts can follow all details and participate in the procedure by logging in to the online R&C digital communication platform.

The technology offers a revolutionary way to provide expert supervision during critical surgery or to demonstrate a standard procedure to medical students.

The easy-to-use R&C system enables the practitioner and the remote expert to communicate live via audio, video and chat, as well as share images and videos, and make live annotations during surgery.

Jaap Bonjer, CEO of the ASC & Chair and Professor of Surgery at the Amsterdam UMC, said:

“The Rods&Cones technology is a fantastic addition for any healthcare professional and medical experts.

“Amongst other benefits, it also adds great value to our high-standard educational programmes, enhancing the virtual aspects, and providing an even wider choice to the medical professionals attending the courses.

“The remote assistance platform create a virtual four-eyes approach to the procedures. In other words, it provides a ‘co-pilot’ which can guide and support the surgeon at any moment increasing patient’s safety.”

Professor Shafi Ahmed, award-winning Cancer Surgeon and Digital Health leader, who will be dialling in remotely from South Africa to collaborate on the live simulation from a distance, said:

“There is a global shortage of surgeons and variations in outcomes.

“There are now opportunities to address these problems by training surgeons remotely using the latest technologies.

“Together with Rods&Cones, we will be demonstrating the use of smart surgery glasses, along with the intelligent and interactive remote assistance platform, which are used to transmit live cases across the world.

“It is about time that we start to leverage remote technologies in a massive manner, as they will be key to addressing the problems in global healthcare.”

Visitors to this year’s Future Surgery will be able to watch a demonstration live at the Association for British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) Surgical Simulation Theatre.

ABHI’s Surgical Simulation Theatre will replicate a fully working operating theatre, bringing together some of the UK’s most well-known clinics, hospitals, and clinicians to deliver a cutting-edge programme featuring both live and simulated surgery.

Bruno Dheedene, CEO and Co-founder of Rods&Cones, added:

“Technology today is advanced enough to provide high-quality teleproctoring and telemonitoring to experts anywhere in the world.

“It doesn’t matter anymore in which country you are being trained to become a surgeon, with our digital system residents, junior surgeons, and medical experts alike can now access the best expertise from anywhere in the world.

“We are delighted to collaborate with ABHI and take part in Future Surgery in London to demonstrate in real-time the full power of our remote assistance service.”

Future Surgery 2022 takes place on November 15-16 at ExCel, London.

Led by Shafi Ahmed, the ‘Global Collaboration in Surgery’ session will take place on the ABHI Simulation Stand on November 15 from 12:40 – 13:40.

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