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Four startups to go head-to-head at Health Tech World Awards



We are delighted to announce the shortlist for Health Tech Startup of the Year, sponsored by FINN Partners.

This was once again one of the most popular categories, attracting a wealth of quality entries from across the Health Tech World.

The four shortlisted entries will soon be judged by the category sponsor, with the ultimate winner announced at a virtual event on April 18.

Congratulations to the shortlist and many thanks to all the brilliant companies that entered.

Health Tech Startup of the Year Shortlist:

Charac is a Royal Mail-backed and National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and MedAdvisor-partnered disruptive pharmacy tech startup that supports Britain’s 10,800 community pharmacies through its innovative, NHS-integrated, digital platform and app, providing pharmacies with a digital presence to increase revenue and efficiency, and to achieve better outcomes for patients.

Since its inception, Charac has partnered with organisations including Positive Solutions, the NPA and MedAdvisor.


Founded by an ex-NHS CEO / population health specialist and ex-DJ / digital products specialist, motivated by the discovery that even mild hearing loss can double oneʼs risk of dementia, eargym is on a mission to make better hearing accessible to all.

The app is led by research, informed by user feedback, and built around the 3 core pillars of hearing health: Check, Protect, and Train.

eargym works in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, UK Research and Innovation, and a board of world-class advisors across hearing, cognition and data analysis.

KareHero is a UK-based health tech startup standing at the forefront of addressing a pressing global healthcare dilemma – support for carers in the workplace looking after a loved one with a sudden or long-term illness.

The fully end-to-end solution aims to empower caregivers from the minute they want to ask questions, through funding and finding care as
well as emergency care, hospital discharge, funding applications, appeals, clinical care assessments and care set up.

The company is also fostering unprecedented cross-industry collaboration to ensure that its solution reaches as many unpaid carers as possible.

QuantHealth is an AI-powered clinical trial design company that leverages generative AI technology to simulate clinical trials to help bring more and better treatments to patients, at a faster time and with a lower cost.

The company has stepped in to bridge research gaps and simulate clinical trials with 86 per cent accuracy to allow drug developers to design the comprehensive trials with the largest chance of success to bring the best drugs to market efficiently.

Not only does this save money for pharmaceutical companies, it also allows more effective drugs to come to market sooner, helping patients get life changing medication that would otherwise be stuck in trials awaiting resources.

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