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FINN report partnership to deliver digital health insight




Data-driven market intelligence company Galen Growth has partnered with integrated marketing services company FINN Partners to deliver a new series of digital health market reports.

The reports will chart the complex digital health landscape and look beyond equity funding to explore what’s expected to happen in the fast-paced digital health sector.

The ‘Global State of Digital Health Report’, set to be released at November’s HLTH Conference in Vegas, NV, will draw input from some 200 million data points and more than 12,000 digital health ventures across the globe.

A second report will be available in January 2023, with additional quarterly reports anticipated throughout the coming year.

Galen Growth CEO and co-founder, Julien de Salaberry, said:

“With the slowdown of venture funding in 2022, digital health is anchoring back to reality, becoming more focused and demanding more verification that ventures are offering solutions that will bring value to the digital health ecosystem.

“This joint report with FINN Partners will explore how ventures are meeting those challenges and preparing to show evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions.”

The digital health sector has grown significantly during the past decade, with $44 billion invested by the global financial and corporate markets in 2021 compared to $2 billion in 2011.

However, investors are now being a lot more selective about their decisions.

The ‘Global State of Digital Health Report’ will examine those shifts in detail and outline best practices in investment strategies.

The first of the two reports is set to lay the groundwork for future reports, recapping the year to-date in digital health and focus on global investment insights, categories and therapeutics, to name a few themes.

Ritesh Patel, Senior Partner, Global Digital Health Lead at FINN Partners, said:

“FINN Partners is thrilled to pair with Galen Growth to take a deeper look at the Digital Health landscape.

“The rapidly expanding digital health ecosystem must be leveraged to improve patient outcomes. This series of studies will help inform the choices providers, payers, product innovators and patients will need to make in the coming years.”

Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health and Purpose, FINN Partners, said:

“The health system has been long resistant to change. Health information – delivered across digital platforms – has altered the patient care pathway and shifted the tone and expectation among decision-makers navigating the fragmented health ecosystem.

“The Galen Growth/FINN Partnership will offer insights to the sector – private and public – that will hopefully rally investors and innovators to ideas that can sustain and save lives faster.”

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