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FINN Partners teams up with OffScripHealth to address the challenges Americans face in rural areas



The marketing and communications firm FINN Partners and the digital health media platform OffScripHealth have launched a multimedia campaign to raise awareness of the challenges Americans face in rural areas and address the underlying causes.

Heartbreak in America’s Heartland – Crisis in Rural America campaign and documentary series will highlight the challenges millions of Americans in rural areas face, including access to information, healthcare, broadband, tech, consumer goods and clean water.

FINN will serve as the pro bono agency of record for the effort, centred on a multi-part documentary series produced by OffScrip Health and presented on OffScrip’s podcast network.

The project is intended to raise awareness, spark conversations, promote solutions and highlight the work of communities, leaders in business and health, and policymakers.

OffScrip and FINN Partners will collaborate to enlist a coalition of companies, academic institutions, and nonprofits to participate in the initiative.

“Living in the heartland has become increasingly difficult for Americans, and with this unprecedented narrative podcast documentary, we will present noted policy, community, and industry leaders working to change this reality,” said Matthew Zachary, OffScrip Health co-founder and executive producer.

“The FINN collaborative spirit and readiness to work with like-minded partners to make a measurable difference made it clear with whom we should partner to address this significant American challenge, which needs many allies to succeed.

“We and FINN urge all those who want to make a difference to join this much-needed effort.”

Around 46 million Americans live in rural communities, but many are hours away from basic care, emergency services and specialist providers.

People in such areas have higher rates of smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, mental illness, and poor end-of-life care than residents of urban and suburban areas. Other issues also include the impacts of climate change, access to broadband technology and sparse educational resources.

Peter Finn, FINN Partners founding partner and CEO, said: “These challenges to rural Americans cause suffering, which drives despair and feeds discord.

“Dialogue that elevates awareness of people’s difficulties is an important step in providing a remedy, and communication is the first step in providing viable solutions.

“I have been a long-time resident of Hunter, one of the far too many rural communities struggling in Upstate New York,” Finn added.

“The town was economically depressed and quickly deteriorating, but rather than abandon Hunter and shut our eyes to what was happening, we chose to get involved by raising awareness and engaging partners through the Catskill Mountain Foundation.

“Today, Hunter’s streets are lined with inns, restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries. Visitors come to enjoy the fall foliage, hike, and ski. We know that raising awareness to activate people will make a difference throughout the nation.”

Using the example of Hunter, NY and other living laboratories, FINN and OffScrip Health will work to encourage others to take part in the effort, championing a national conversation on the challenges Americans face.


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