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Filling healthcare language gaps

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LanguageLine Solutions has developed a new interpreting solution to provide language support for virtual health and virtual meeting platforms.

London-based LanguageLine has developed the new solution, Remote Face-to-Face Interpreting, to address the challenges of the current Covid-19 restrictions by providing remote face-to-face interpreting, to facilitate the visual appearance of an interpreter within a virtual clinic or other virtual meeting setting.

This aims to reinforce social distancing by avoiding the need for physical face-to-face contact and for people to always attend hospitals, relieving pressure on the health service during the pandemic.

LanguageLine clients are able to book an interpreter as they would for normal face-to-face bookings through the existing LanguageLine booking portal.

The interpreter attends the virtual consultation at the date and time requested.

Using the existing portal and replicating the booking method also means that the same levels of data security, audit compliance, billing and reporting integrity are maintained.

There is no requirement for the use of personal details to facilitate the interpreter’s link into the meeting, while a sign-off function at both the interpreter and user end ensures auditability.

Utilisation of the existing booking and management system means that the usage, and therefore the billing and reporting of this remains incorporated within a client’s existing account structure.

Remote Face-to-Face Interpreting can be used with multiple virtual health and meeting platforms.

LanguageLine sales and marketing Director Lloyd Farrow said: “We have adapted quickly to meet the growing demands for interpreting support for virtual clinics and other on-line meeting situations by developing this new service, which is a variation of our existing, well-established face-to-face service.

“The service enables clients to pre-book an interpreter to attend at a nominated date and time within their own video platform, rather than physically attending the meeting location.

“Importantly, whilst developing the service and, as with all LLS services, we ensured that security, compliance and data integrity went hand-in-hand with end-user convenience.

“LanguageLine is known as a company which enables communication, and this is yet another route via which we can achieve this goal for our clients and the people they support and serve.’’

Earlier this year the company announced that it would dedicate a proportion of its annual revenues from the healthcare sector in April to two health charities, up to US$1m.

The donations were to Direct Relief, an organisation that provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers, and to NHS Charities Together in the UK.

NHS Charities Together represents and supports NHS charities, providing a forum for nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

“Because of our partnerships with healthcare providers large and small across the UK, we are keenly aware of the dangerous and pressurised conditions in which they are operating,” UK managing director Vanessa Eke said.

“We have no hesitation and indeed feel privileged to be able to offer support in this way.’’

Founded in 1982, LanguageLine handles more than 40 million interactions each year and has more than 28,000 clients.


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