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Femtech TV campaign to “hail menopausal women as warriors”

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A TV campaign to empower menopausal women and encourage them not the “brush off” difficult, symptoms has been launched by a leading femtech firm.

The ‘Warrior’ campaign will support the launch of MyFORMa ground-breaking female hormone mapping blood test, as well as fighting “societal pressure” and the stigmas surrounding the symptoms suffered by menopausal women. 

Launched by Forth, the campaign comes at a time when menopause is gaining increased acknowledgment in the media, with the rise of the “menopause vacation” even being reported by the Wall Street Journal. 

Government policy & menopause symptoms

Recent Government policy has also seen a focus on women’s health with a reduction in HRT prescription charges for women, the appointment of the first women’s health tsar and the publication of the Women’s Health Strategy for England. 

Clinically led by endocrinology specialist, Dr Nicky Keay, MYFORM  was developed to combat the problem of current single day testing of hormones offered by GPs (or self-testing kits) which are unable to chart the variable movement of hormones over a women’s cycle.

AI solutions for menopause

AI mathematical modelling is used alongside a two-step lab-analysed home blood test on the 14th and 21st days of a woman’s cycle – ultimately mapping how a woman’s four key female hormones fluctuate across their entire cycle.

The  woman is subsequently provided with a report on their hormone function and ovarian responsiveness, which together with symptoms can indicate whether they are in perimenopause. 

This can be taken to their GP to support the prescription of HRT. 

Sarah Bolt, CEO and Co-Founder of Forth says “We hope this new campaign will really resonate with women and give them that ‘light bulb’ moment that the symptoms they are experiencing could be due to perimenopause. 

“For too long women have been asked to suffer in silence and have been unaware of the changes happening within their bodies. 

She added that the campaign is a “significant step forward” from current testing methods which give little insight into a woman’s hormone fluctuations and whether they are moving in the normal pattern.

A one-minute version of the ad will also be featured in cinemas with the release of the film, The Woman King.


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