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Exclusive roundtable: Revolutionising Cancer Research and Care



More than 18 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2020 alone, according to Cancer Research UK statistics.

Every year, innovators around the world work tirelessly to develop new treatments and technologies to enable patients to live better for longer.

From new drugs to advanced diagnostic tools, health tech is truly revolutionising cancer research and care.

In this exclusive roundtable debate, three panellists address the global cancer challenge and explore how innovative technologies are helping to improve outcomes for patients across the globe:


Ibex Medical Analytics co-founder and CTO, Chaim Linhart PhD

Chaim has more than 25 years of experience in algorithm development, AI and machine learning from academia, an elite unit in the IDF and several tech companies.

Ibex Medical Analytics’ AI-powered solutions detect cancer and more than a hundred other diagnostic features in multiple tissue types.

EMIS Group Chief Product Officer (Digital, Data & Analytics), Alex Eavis 

EMIS Group is a leading electronic health record provider, providing point-of-care systems to primary care services and A&E departments.

The EMIS Group GP record is enabling clinicians to diagnose cancer patients sooner and find those most at risk.

Alex leads the full product development lifecycle of a range of cloud healthcare tools and data-driven services for healthcare, research and life science customers.

Belong CTO, Irad Deutsch

Irad is an entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in databases, analytics and big data and eight years of experience with mobile and social-based marketing.

Belong’s app helps patients, providers, payers and pharma to optimise treatment journeys by leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, NLP, predictive analytics and big data.

We’ll be running more roundtables in the coming months.

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