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Even high earners “heating only children’s bedrooms” this winter

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Families are turning to AI-powered apps and tech solutions – as survey reveals 1 in 10 will struggle to feed their children this winter…

Even the UK’s “high earners” (earning between £65,0001 and £75,000) are preparing to heat only their children’’s bedrooms, rather than their full house this winter – with 1 in 10 families struggling to put food on the table, it has been revealed. 

A survey from Airgon, also showed a huge 25% of grown adults preparing to move back in with their parents, as they won’t be able to afford soaring energy bills. 

As the cost of living crisis grips the nation, a  quarter of Brits claim they would struggle to buy food – with nearly 1 in 10 saying they will be unable to feed their children.

Preparing for the October surge 

As energy prices are set to soar in October, nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they would move in with elderly relatives to avoid the rising cost of energy prices and to support them with bills.

 When asked how they would reduce spending on bills, 24% of respondents said they would look to spend more time at their friends’ houses to offset the difference.

Between food and heating 

Worryingly, the sentiment of making tough choices was echoed across the research as many admitted they would have to choose between food and heating when it came to tackling living costs.

The sentiment of making tough choices was echoed across the research as many admitted they would have to choose between food and heating.

With soaring prices, the survey found that:

  • 38% of Brits won’t be able to put money into their savings accounts
  • 29% won’t be able to go on holiday 
  • and 27% won’t be able to dine out.

Ahead of the rises many have been getting creative with their options, 57% of Brits said they would boycott changing the clocks come October if they believed it would save light hours and reduce bill prices.

And some have turned to home improvement installing solar panels (7%), secondary glazing (4%), insulation (8%) and switching to using an open fire or wood burner (8%).

Boiler device can reduce costs 

 Airgon is a small household device that attaches to the pipework between your boiler and your heating system – it claims to reduce heating costs by up to 20% every year.

Inventor Charles Ross said: “Removing the air from your central heating system is a proven money saver and it isn’t one that many people consider. 

“Saving 20% on your monthly heating bill this winter could make literally life-saving differences to some households.”

He added: “Just 11% of Brits have considered how tech could help them save energy.

“People don’t realise that technology can help improve the functionality of our boilers and heating systems. In the current financial crisis, people need to be savvier about making what little money they have work better for them.”

AI-powered personal finance apps 

There’s a whole ocean of “tech solutions” and apps claiming to help with the cost of living crisis. Here are a few picked out by Health Tech World which may actually help…

Olivia AI

Olivia is a free financial assistant app that uses artificial intelligence and “behavioral economics” to analyise your spending and help you to budget better in harder times. 

The app uses the patterns to generate strategies, tips and general support. 

Find out more about Olivia AI 


Cleo is a playful and easy-to-use app for those needing to budget, and helps those with a rocky credit history to start rebuilding. 

As they say “:break habits, spend smarter” – this free app has an assistant AI to help you stay on track and manage your finances in tricky situations.

More about Cleo 

Apps for financial and emotional support 

  • Big White Wall Connects users with round-the-clock support from mental health professionals.
  • Sleepio An online sleep improvement programme based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi).
  • distrACT Gives you quick, easy and discreet access to info and advice on self-harm and suicidal thoughts.
  • SilverCloud An eight-week online course designed to help manage stress, anxiety and depression

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