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EKF opens new site to boost production of COVID test component

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The new facility represents a 100% increase in manufacturing area for EKF

EKF Diagnostics has expanded into new and larger manufacturing facilities in Cardiff to increase production of PrimeStore MTM viral transport media, a key component for the COVID-19 testing regime.

The new facility is approximately 6,500 sq ft and represents a 100% increase in manufacturing area. This enables EKF to fill 36,000 PrimeStore MTM tubes daily.

The new Cardiff facility will also become a distribution hub for EKF’s latest portfolio addition, the Kantaro COVID-SeroKlir SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test kit and provides more space for new product development in the laboratories at EKF’s Headquarters in Penarth, Cardiff.

In addition to the increased floor space, EKF has grown its workforce. The new facility, fitted out using only local contractors, can accommodate up to 40 staff operating three tube filling pump lines and three rooms for sample kit assembly.

EKF has created more than 30 jobs, including production line operatives, and in quality assurance, customer services, purchasing, operations and logistics.

The expansion is due to new high-volume customers, as well as increasing orders from current customers.

Leicester University has established an asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 screening programme to support and reassure staff and students on campus.

Dr Rebecca Allsopp, research associate at Leicester Cancer Research Centre, University of Leicester, said: “By choosing PrimeStore MTM with its viral inactivation properties, we are ensuring the safe transportation and processing of participants’ samples and ensuring protection for our staff.

“We have the reassurance of RNA stabilisation, protecting sample integrity at room temperature without the need for additional storage requirements. EKF has also provided excellent customer service.”

PrimeStore MTM was specifically designed and optimised for molecular testing, allowing pathogenic samples to be collected, transported, and processed safely.

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