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Doctorpedia launches £1m funding round

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Doctorpedia, a network of more than 2,000 medical websites, has launched a £1m UK funding round on Crowdcube.

The online healthcare platform produces and delivers bite-sized medical and wellness videos with leading doctors. The videos are designed to be watched on-demand from any device.

Every Doctorpedia condition site is curated and approved by leading generalist and specialist doctors. All doctors are board-certified leaders in their field and associated with well-regarded institutions.

The funds raised will be used to further establish Doctorpedia in the UK through doctor engagement and content creation, as well as sales and marketing.

Pracha Eamranond, managing director and chief medical officer at Doctorpedia, said: “We believe that our professional platform can significantly reduce pressures on the NHS by empowering people to learn more about their own health conditions by accessing over 2,000 high quality doctor-led videos.

“We have already raised £2.5M from our doctor community and angel investors but we want this to be a platform for everyone and allow more people to share in our success.

“The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to open up investment to individuals who want to help shape the future of digital healthcare and help us deliver on our important patient-centric mission.”

“Now more than ever, patients are looking for health information online. As a result, there is an influx of misinformation out there and this is something that we are working really hard to combat.

“Our robust, premium technology platform brings together the best of technology, media, and healthcare, to offer asolution during these challenging times as health systems struggle to educate their patients through conventional modes of communication.”

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