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Disney sprinkles some magic dust on kids’ hospital appointments

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The new initiative will act as a distraction for children during examinations

A health technology firm has sprinkled some Disney magic on its medical equipment by inviting Mickey Mouse and his pals to help relax anxious patients during examinations.

The collaboration will see Disney attach its brand to the Philips Ambient Experience, which integrates lighting, projections and sound to embed custom animations within a clinical environment.

The unlikely alliance follows moves by Royal Philips’ to break down medical barriers by offering a more personal experience alongside their favourite Disney characters across six European hospitals.

They’re hoping that bringing to life some of their most iconic characters will improve MRI procedures and outcomes for patients and staff.

Children will be able to choose from Marvels’ Avengers, Aladdin, Spiderman and Star Wars’ Yoda to understand the medical process, and act as a distraction during the examination.

Each character will enact a custom-drawn cartoon, with Aladdin depicted riding a magic carpet or Spiderman web-slinging his way around the streets of New York.

Kees Wesdorp, chief business leader of Precision Diagnosis at Philips, said: “A visit to hospital can be quite intimidating for people, especially children, and a more patient-friendly, patient entered environment could help improve the patient experience and help drive first-time right imaging for improved outcomes.”

Philips’ clinical research project will commence this summer in six hospitals across Europe and the results of the pilot project will be completed later this year. It is the first time Disney has collaborated as part of a clinical research project of this kind.

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