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The State Hospital’s digital prescription transformation



When the State Hospital sought to modernise its medication prescription and administration processes, they turned to ReStart for assistance. Together, they successfully integrated the Trust Integration Engine (TIE) with the Hospital Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration (HEPMA) system. 

In the Central belt of Scotland, The State Hospital embarked on a journey to modernise its psychiatric care.

With a vision to improve patient care, reduce human error and streamline processes, they set out to digitise their medication prescribing system.

This mission would see the integration of their existing Patient Administration System (PAS) with the Hospital Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration (HEPMA) system through the use of a Trust Integration Engine (TIE), Qvera.

The Need for a Digital Solution

The task at hand was complex, requiring the creation of a secure connection between healthcare systems while ensuring seamless functionality.

The Access Group, an existing partner of The State Hospital, recommended ReStart, an Integration and Interoperability provider for the NHS.

The initial challenges lay in the complex nature of the project.

HEPMA was hosted on the digital infrastructure of another health board within its own boundaries, so The State Hospital had to connect through the secure Swan network, which links all public sector organisations.

The connection was made to the host health boards estate, which required the establishment of strict firewall rules for secure connectivity.

The reason for this approach was the relatively small size of the State hospital, which accommodates around 120 patients.

A Complex and Integral Project

ReStart was tasked with bridging the gap between the EPR system and HEPMA, while maintaining the cyber security measures to protect the host health boards estate during the integration process.

John FitzGerald, Senior Infrastructure Analyst at the NHS State Hospitals Board for Scotland, praised ReStart’s support throughout the project:

“They were there when we needed them. They also understood how complex and integral the project was.”

Prescribing Digitally at the Bedside

Despite the complexity, ReStart listened to their needs and delivered a reliable solution.

The TIE has been live for over a year with no significant issues. The implementation of the HEPMA system has been a game changer for The State Hospital.

Gone are the days of paper-based prescriptions and manual updates to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

Now clinicians can prescribe digitally at the bedside and the system automatically updates the EPR.

This ensures accurate and up-to-date patient information, reducing the risk of errors and improving patient safety.

HEPMA also streamlines the workflow, eliminating paperwork and saving time for healthcare professionals. This allows them to focus on what really matters: patient care.

HEPMA also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and safety guidelines for prescribing and administering medicines, guaranteeing the highest standards of care.

Future Plans on the Horizon 

The project, which ran from September 2021 to April 2022, has future plans that include streamlining data reporting.

However, accessing data from other Trusts’ patient groups can be a challenge.

The State Hospital’s journey towards digitising medication prescribing and administration is a testament to the practical benefits of innovation in healthcare.

With ReStart’s support and the TIE in place, patient care has been significantly improved, errors minimised, and operational efficiency enhanced.

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