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The search begins for Digital Health App of the Year



World-leading digital health apps are set to be recognised at this year’s Health Tech World Awards.

Launched on September 1, nominations are already starting to come through in what promises to be a hotly-contested category.

The pandemic led to a digital health explosion, not just in the UK’s NHS but in health systems across the globe.

It’s no exaggeration to say that digital health has transformed healthcare as we know it.

The Digital Health App of the Year award is sponsored by SPARK TSL, a leading provider of WiFi and engagement solutions for healthcare organisations.

Founded in 2003, the company serves customers across the NHS and already has partnerships with 120 Trusts in the UK offering a suite of products and services designed to help NHS trusts and hospitals enhance patient experience, improve staff productivity, and drive better health outcomes through technology.

SPARK TSL enables healthcare organisations to share pertinent health information, deliver telehealth services, enable wayfinding, and boost patient satisfaction, all while driving efficiencies in staff time and cost savings.

Looking ahead, SPARK TSL plans continued growth as a leader in powering the digital hospital experience across the UK and has a mission to deliver innovation, that makes life better.

SPARK TSL Director of Business Development, James Morris, said:

“We at SPARK TSL are thrilled to be sponsoring the Health Tech World Awards this year.

“As a company dedicated to improving healthcare through technology, we are eager to highlight the most innovative digital health apps out there.

“We believe these awards shine a light on the future of healthcare and are proud to support the developers behind this cutting-edge work.

“By sponsoring the Health Tech World Awards, SPARK TSL aims to foster growth and innovation in the digital health space.

“We want to encourage developers to continue creating apps that make healthcare more accessible, engaging, and effective.

“SPARK TSL is committed to advancing healthcare, and we are confident the Health Tech World Awards will uncover pioneering apps that help us deliver on that mission.”

Given the vast array of digital health apps out there, the judges will be looking for apps that have made a real impact in healthcare systems in the UK and beyond.

Nominees are encouraged to provide evidence to back their submissions, from research to video testimonies.

Aspect Publishing Commercial Editor, Gordon Stribling, said:

“This category attracted a huge number of quality entries last year, giving our category judge a lot to consider.

“With even more digital health apps now out there, we expect this year’s category to be even more competitive.

“Good luck to all the nominees!”

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