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Health Tech World reveals Digital Health App of the Year shortlist



Four health tech innovators have been shortlisted for Health Tech World’s Digital Health App of the Year, sponsored by Spark TSL.

The four entries made the cut following an extensive shortlisting process by the Health Tech World team.

Representatives from the four companies will be invited to a virtual awards event on April 18, where the winner from each category will collect their award.

Digital Health App of the Year Shortlist:

Alertive focus on the time-sensitive, critical internal communications at the heart of delivering efficient healthcare.

The application is built around a smart network with the capacity to share information or data from clinical and administrative systems, including Electronic Patient Records with individuals, roles or groups.

NHS Trusts using the Alertive system have seen a substantial reduction in response times within healthcare settings.

The Swiss Paraplegic Center is developing a platform that gives tetraplegics and people with limited hand functions barrier-free access to the digital world.

Those affected can interact in the ParaVerse platform using XR glasses using only eye control.

They can use it to surf the web, watch YouTube videos and contact their loved ones via messenger app. All this without using their hands or voice, which is particularly beneficial for newly injured people.

Pelago is the world’s leading virtual clinic for substance use management, created to address the overarching problem that more people are using substances than ever before, with overdoses claiming more than 112,000 lives in 2023.

This virtual solution has transformed the substance use support industry, delivering education, management skills, and opportunities for positive change to members struggling with substance use, most commonly tobacco, alcohol, or opioids.

Proven to improve depression and anxiety scores by an average of 31 per cent, Wysa’s AI-first approach enables individuals to improve their mental health before symptoms become severe, by understanding an individual’s needs and guiding them through interactive cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) exercises.

Wysa has helped over 6 million people through 550 million AI conversations across 95 countries.

Congratulations to our shortlist and many thanks to all the other brilliant entries.

Stay tuned for more shortlist announcements next week.

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